CEV Champions League 2022

  • Will a possible invasion of the Ukraine ruin another CL season? What will be the response of the CEV volleyball gods? Here in the US there is great pessimism that it can be avoided. The chance of a several year ostracization of the Russian teams certainly seem a possibility. What will be the impact on Russian players playing abroad? Can they be called home against their will? Will it temporarily break the national approval system for players. Will it effect Ukrainian born players on Russian teams? A lot of uncertainty on the course of history much bigger than our desire to see really great volleyball. May peace prevail.

  • CEV Board of Administration announces response to Russo-Ukrainian crisis

    Luxembourg, February 26, 2022.

    The CEV Board of Administration approved on Saturday a number of measures in response to the latest developments of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis in order to protect the safety of all participants and stakeholders as well as the integrity of all CEV competitions.

    As of today, no Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball events or competitions organised under the CEV umbrella will be taking place in Russia and Ukraine until further notice.

    Moreover, for the remaining of the 2022 European Cups season, clubs from Russia and Ukraine will be playing their respective home matches on neutral ground. Any other European events originally due to take place in Russia and Ukraine in the coming period will be moved to other countries.

    The CEV will continue to monitor the situation and any updates to the abovementioned decisions will follow in due course.

  • Crisis? After all, there is a war in Ukraine and they write that it is a 'crisis' :wall:<X

  • That CEV statement is disgusting.

    They sound like nothing serious is happening and Ukraine volleyball clubs can even go on to play in competitions just if they’re willing to travel to neutral ground!? Anyone with a little common sense should just send their wishes to all people in Ukraine for their safety instead of releasing this piece of bullshit.

  • assume a situation where russian teams are thrown out (it'd be a logistical (visas, flights, etc) and PR/optics nightmare to include them at this time)

    I wonder if they would bring in Novara, Chemik, and the best third place team(THY).... and just re-do the draw.


  • Athletes as well? So no Arına for Fenerbahçe?

  • Yup no Ariana or any Russian in CEV competiton as well as Belarus players.

  • But this is completely new mess because what is gone happend with CL now.

    New 3 teams plus new drawing cups or ?