CEV Champions League 2022

  • unpopular opinion: Vakif wins but Imoco will beat them in 3 or 4 sets if they keep playing like the last month

    Vakifbank really needs MBH Attack. She hás been really off.

  • The nerves really costed Fenerbache in the Golden set. You can tell from Meliha’s 2 poor receptions from 3 serves by MBH, Gizem’s reception error and some missed sets from Naz. All these didn’t show in previous sets but when it really matters, the experience of champions like Vakif showed the big difference.

    But overall the match was really exciting and enjoyable, and it’s the best possible outcome for fans, 3 unexpectedly exciting sets and a Golden set won by Vakifbank, to put up a the most anticipated final of VB vs Imoco (before they exchange their Opposite next year…)

  • Congrats to Vakif! Gabi :rose:

    But also to Fenerbahce whose gave to us amazing fight, tbh when we sum impression from both games they showed maybe even more than Vakif, but rules are the rules and they didn't succes to keep focus in this golden set, so that's it.

    It will be the expected final at the end, but i'm not that excited as i was last year for example, yeah Maja is factor when it comes to me, but objectivly both teams aren't on that level this year, still they are the two best obviously.

  • What was Vakif doing the first 2 sets lol, but Gabi was there to come in clutch in set 3 and golden set

    Erdem was sooo cool though, crazy block party it was insane

    She started bad but put herself back on the match.

    IMO Gabi hás been playing insane.

  • goshhhh i can’t stop having flashbacks of Naz setting Meliha towards the end which took Vakif to match point…

  • I appreciate once more how rzeszow OHs were able to mine Cansu's block whilst every Fener OH makes her look like Maja Poljak every time the two team clashes.

  • If Ana Cristina stays in FB next season imo she Will take Meliha's spot in starting six.

  • everyone been calling her that these days and O agreed 😂 notice I said “OH”? I am not looking for a fight here. 😂

    i honestly don't know when you're serious and when you start trolling lool. especially with thay capital letters ahhaha