CEV Cup 2022

  • charalampos That's great then. I know they had such rule applied some seasons ago. Maybe they gave up on that because of Covid.

    Perhaps the rule applies for matches that CEV broadcasts on their YouTube & eurovolley.tv

    Though I was under the impression that broadcasting rights belonged to CEV, and that teams couldn't broadcast their own matches on their own platforms otherwise

  • No, it is not broadcasted

    Great promotion of women volleyball. Polsat Sport this season has just few matches every week... They dont have also CEV Cup. Embarassing

  • ŁKS Commercecon Łódź – Swietelsky Bekescsaba 3:1(25:23, 25:15, 23:25, 25:19)

    MVP: Martyna Grajber

    ŁKS: Jones-Perry (22), Grajber (13), Pacak (11), Witkowska (11), Sobiczewska (10), Ratzke (1), Maj-Erwardt (libero) oraz Strasz (libero), Piasecka (8), Jukoski (2), Gajer (1)
    Swietelsky: Drpa (18), Klisura (13), Strunjak (11), Zólyomi (9), Kornienko (6), Glemboczki (3), Molcsányi (libero) oraz Karhu, Najdić


  • Sharing this very one-sided & 1/4 knockout chart for PAOK made by doongie1015 which I saw:rose:(with the betting odds)

    I call it <Road to Eczacibasi> :rolll:

    The ultimate goal of course is to win every single match to achieve the CEV Cup, no team plays to lose early after all

    But no doubt Eczacibasi is the strongest favourite to win the tournament - why are they even in the CEV Cup haha

    Granted, even if PAOK manages to defeat Asterix and Alba Blaj (I assume), which won't be easy

    There's still Cannet (most likely) a very strong opponent, before the semis against Eczacibasi (almost definitely)

    But a fan can hope yes?:rose:

  • Olympiakos losing in straight sets against a team from Portugal is a major upset I think :what: I wonder how much longer Cutino can keep his job :white:

    tbh i wasnt suprised

    Porto is new team (3 years ago played for the first time in Protoguese league and they finished 6th..this year they havent lost even a set). Of course Portuguese league is not strong, but Porto has improved a lot. Also the level of Portuguese players is low, but they have 10 foreign players. Some of them are very experienced. Their brazilian opposite Renata, although she is very old, she has been a member of Brazilian nt, she has played in Italy, Azerbaijan, Japan (awarded as best scorer). Two times was awarded as the best spiker in Brazilian league and with a team from Baku she won the gold medal in cev cup. Their brazilian mb (Silva) is also very expierenced.

    On the other hand olympiakos is not in a good shape. Olympiakos lost two local players (Zakchaiou/Monza and the libero retired) and there are other greek players so good. Yesterday Giota (MB) and Costa (OH) were injured, so Olympiakos used many mediocre local players. Wilma Salas is not ready yet. Olympiakos spent a lot of money for the OHs and the budget of the team is big. Maybe bigger than the last seasons that was in top 4 of challenge cup.

    Hippe (OPP) and Christodoulou (S) are also in bad shape. Maybe Cutino is responsible for that, but Hippe had a small injury and Christodoulou was bad in the eurovolley as well.

    After the elimination from Champions league i think Olympiakos wanted to give a second chance to Cutino (probably the last one). I guess that he will leave the team in the next weeks. Yesterday during the last set, the assistant coach was giving advices to the players instead of Cutino