CEV Cup 2022

  • Busto is gone take it :heart:

  • Here is what head coach of Alba Blaj Stevan Ljubičić said about the match

    "We meet a strong team, made up of experienced players, who have a very good domestic season. I studied the game of PAOK Thessaloniki, it will not be easy and I consider that before the first match the chances are equal. However, we have no pressure, because we will play the return home, but we want to get a positive result, which will give us the moral advantage for the match in Târgu Mureș."

    The greek player of Alba Blaj,Olga Strantzali said:

    "PAOK Thessaloniki is a big club in Greece, and the women's volleyball team is getting stronger every year. I'm watching the Greek championship and I know that PAOK has big goals this season, and this can be seen in the group of players. There will be two hard, high level matches, and the team that will want the most victory will prevail in the end. I hope we will be the ones to qualify! ”

    None of the starters of Alba Blaj is from Roumania

    S: Mikrovic (Serbia)

    OH: Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Strantzali (Greece)

    OPP: Russu (Russia)

    MB: Ninkovic (Serbia), Kocic (Serbia)

    L: Ivkovic (Bosnia)

    PAOK will play without Lee Jaeyeong (OH, Korea), so it will be very difficult for them to take a positive result.

  • PAOK - Alba Blaj 1-3 (22-25, 25-22, 18-25, 24-26)

    Collar 20, Fidon 16/ Russu 26, Strantzali 19

    How is Russu doing?

  • Also no stream for Busto Arsizio VS Stuttgart?:(

  • The setter of Calcit Kamnik is pretty impressive to me. She is tall, young and has lots of experience abroad already despite her age. I think she could be useful for better teams

    Do you mean Eva Mori?

  • Yes! Although her last name is now Pavlovic, I searched a bit further and found out her husband plays volleyball in Kamnik as well. So that might be a reason to play there

    I would say she is inconsistent player. She can have few great games and then many really bad.

    Few years ago, she signed 2-years contract with ŁKS, but they decided to resolve the contract with her after one year and decided to hire Britt.

    Also, she made one stupid thing at the end of her career in Poland. When the pandemic started (March 2020) and the government was thinking about closing the boarders, she decided to fly for a weekend to Italy :D Once she came back, she was supposed to go to 2 weeks quarantine :D It was just before the play-offs. But good for her, the whole league got cancelled two days later :D