2021 FIVB U21 World Championship | Italy & Bulgaria

  • Was Federov a good libero on Russia I did not pay much attention to him.

    His performance wasn't as special as in the previous tournaments. I mean, he was just normal.

  • Welp, 4th place it is. Deserved no more but also, I think, no less (seeing how BEL had a good time against BRA & BUL).

    IMO Armoa will be in Paris for sure if he doesn't mismanage his career. His cuban biotype adds some athleticism that no other Argentina OH has at the moment. With aging attacking players like Poglajen and Conte fading out, he will have a chance to get in.

    Other than that not much to get from this generation, maybe the Opp is ok but that's it. We really need a good tall setter soon so we can be set until 2030 at least.