S.Korea - 2021-2022 V-League (Women)

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  • With Korea Expressway only announcing that they have retained the services of YIM Myung-Ok [Li] it appears that setter LEE Go-Eun will be leaving the team. A report state that she is negotiating with other clubs. Source: 1

    This is unconfirmed but according to iNews24 IBK Altos has managed to retain the services of PYO Seung-Ju [OH], SHIN Yeon-Gyeong [Li], and CHOI Su-Bin. Source: 1

  • 2022 Credit Union Federation President Cup KCVF Tournament

    (2022 신협중앙회장배 한국실업배구연맹전)

    Team Rosters:


    Cr: flyingdig3@Instagram

    Match Results:

    Mar 25 (Fri)

    Pohang City Sports Association (포항시체육회) 2 - 3 Daegu City Hall (대구시청) - ( 25 - 19, 25 - 20, 20 - 25, 23 - 25, 10 - 15 )

    Suwon City Hall (수원시청) 3 - 1 Yangsan City Hall (양산시청) - ( 25 - 12, 25 - 14, 22 - 25, 25 - 23 )

    Mar 26 (Sat)

    Suwon City Hall (수원시청) 3 - 0 Pohang City Sports Association (포항시체육회) - ( 25 - 20, 25 - 14, 25 - 18 )
    Daegu City Hall (대구시청) 3 - 1 Yangsan City Hall (양산시청) - ( 25 - 18, 19 - 25, 25 - 15, 25 - 19)

    Mar 28 (Mon)

    Pohang Sports Association (포항시체육회) 3 - 1 Yangsan City Hall (양산시청) - ( 25 - 20, 25 - 14, 14 - 25, 25 - 15 )
    Suwon City Hall (수원시청) 2 - 3 Daegu City Hall (대구시청) - ( 25 - 23, 25 - 23, 24 - 26, 26 - 28, 09 - 15 ) | Link: Full

    Final Group Standings:

    • 1st - Daegu City Hall (대구시청) - 3 Wins and 0 Loss
    • 2nd - Suwon City Hall (수원시청) - 2 Wins and 1 Loss
    • 3rd - Pohang Sports Association (포항시체육회) - 1 Win and 2 Losses
    • 4th - Yangsan City Hall (양산시청) - 0 Wins and 3 Losses

    Mar 29 (Tue)

    3rd-4th Match: Pohang Sports Association (포항시체육회) 1 - 3 Yangsan City Hall (양산시청) - ( 25 - 18, 21 - 25, 21 - 25, 25 - 27 )

    Mar 30 (Wed)

    Final/1st-2nd Match: Daegu City Hall (대구시청) 2 - 3 Suwon City Hall (수원시청) - ( 18 - 25, 25 - 15, 22 - 25, 28 - 26, 09 - 15 ) | Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Parts of 4th Set missing)

    A live broadcast of the women's final will be broadcast on KBSN Sports at 13:00 KST (approx. in 15 mins). Hopefully, Naver Sports will stream it online.


    • Champion: Suwon City Hall (수원시청)
    • Runner-up: Daegu City Hall (대구시청)
    • Third place: Yangsan City Hall (양산시청)

    • Best Player Award: Suwon City Hall 11. KIM Hyun-Ji (김현지)
    • Excellent Leader Award: Suwon City Hall Headcoach KANG Min-Sik (강민식)
    • Setter Award: Suwon City Hall 3. LEE Sol-Ah (이솔아)
    • Blocking Award: Suwon City Hall 9. YOON Young-In (윤영인)
    • Libero Award: Suwon City Hall 5. KIM Chae-Won (김채원)
    • Attack Award: Daegu City Hall 4. CHOI Joo-Hee (최주희)
    • Defence Award: Daegu City Hall 12. BAEK Mok-Hwa (백목화)
    • Serve Award: Yangsan City Hall 16. SHIN Jeong-Won (신정원)

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  • News Update

    Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers have announced the signing of setter LEE Go-Eun from Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-Pass on a 3 years contract worth a total of 990M KRW (approx. USD $818,374.). LEE Go-Eun's annual salary will be 300M KRW (approx. USD $247,992) and the options of 30M KRW (approx. USD $24,799).

    Sources: 1, 2, 3

  • Korea really went crazy with their player salary. I don’t know if this is good thing or not😅. KYK latest youtube content is regarding the player playing abroad but,, is there any player willing to go out when they can get this much offer in Korea.

  • Rumour

    Dong-A Ilbo posted an article talking about the potential return to V-League for Suwon City Hall's main setter LEE Sol-Ah. In the article, a KCVF official was quoted saying that there was a rumour going around during the recent KCVF tournament that Team A would sign LEE Sol-Ah.

    So which V-League team is the mentioned Team A in the article you ask?

    Sources: 1, 2, 3

  • good for Lee Sol Ah to reject kgc offer back then.

    Anynews on foreigner apply for tryout?

    It is only a rumour, so we still don't know if this is true or not.

    Sorry, no news on the foreigners who have applied for the tryout. I only know that Moma reapply for another season in the V-League (1) and that the women's foreign player draft will be held via video link like in recent years on Friday April 29th (1).

  • News Update

    According to No Cut News, Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders has appointed KWON Soon-Chan (권순찬) as their new head coach. KWON has serves as a coach for various Korean men's teams before becoming the head coach of men's team KB Insurance Stars from 2017 to 2020.

    Source: 1


    Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders have confirmed the appointment of KWON Soon-Chan as their new head coach. Sources: 1, 2, 3

  • News Update

    PARK Mi-Hee might not be the only head coach to depart at the end of the season. KGC Ginseng Corp.'s contract with their head coach LEE Young-Taek is also up for renewal. It is still undecided whether KGC will hand him a new contract or not and an outcome will likely come out either this week or the following week. Source: 1


    KGC Ginseng confirmed the departure of head coach LEE Young-Taek. A KGC official stated that the club is currently reviewing new candidates for the head coach position from various angles, including foreign head coaches. They have decided to change the head coach for a fresh start. This decision was based on the new KGC Ginseng president's goal of "change and innovation". Sources: 1, 2, 3

  • My Daily asked Heungkuk Pink Spiders if there was any possiblity that LEE Jae-Yeong could come back to the team. The team managing director LEE Dong-Kook replied that they were not interested in LEE Jae-Yeong and that she will never wear the Heungkuk uniform again. Source: 1

    Hoping a team/s will get her and Dayeong again. It's just unfair that Jung Jiseok got to play after committing crimes but the twins can't.

  • The team managing director LEE Dong-Kook replied that they were not interested in LEE Jae-Yeong and that she will never wear the Heungkuk uniform again.

    I can understand that they want to distance themselves from the twins and rebuild, but that second statement just seems a bit unnecessary.

    Maybe to LDY who was only with them for less than a year its fine, but to LJY who spent all 7 years there, contributed enough to have her jersey potentially retired and even accepted non-max contract as an FA...

    Could've ended it at "We're not interested"

    So apparently, one of the candidates for the head coach position at KGC is American Jamie Morrison. Source: 1

    How is he like as a coach? Only ever saw him coaching Netherlands

    Was about to comment wondering how KGC could afford a foreigner coach considering them not even maxing their pay cap.

    But I forgot how much higher Korea's salaries were compared to other leagues😅