Japan - V.League V2 (Division 2, Women) 2021-2022

  • Just found out that Gaya Asumi is now with Tokyo Cerisier. I think Sun Piena also has an entirely new team.

    I was sure I posted about Asumi ... :/ ... maybe in the V1 thread as Cerisier is a new team with V.League aspirations ?

    I got the Sun Piena squad filled out on volleybox from tweetboxers

    Call me when either of those teams gets a web site . I know Cerisier has one for the boys

  • 2022-05-10 Kumina Shimahara Breath Hamamatsu Transfer request

    I knew it. One those 退団 or 任意引退 that left me hanging. She's a serious player, too good to hang it up so early, but Breath Hamamatsu, as joyous as they pretend to be, just can't seem to keep a squad happy and intact

    I think she'd be an upgrade for Hitachi or Kurobe, or gosh darn it even Toyota

    She's tough. Plays without knee pads :lol:

    [Update] And she appears to be registered on volleybox, but one can't be sure. It would be the second Hamamatsu player after my Mongolian MB buddy

  • Whoa!

    2022-05-11 Ranna Shiraiwa Forest Leaves Kumamoto Transfer request
  • Toyota should get her :lol:

    I wonder if she wants to return to V1. Return to Kurobe? I think she'd be a good fit at Ligare Sendai, and her popularity would help the team grow ... from that perspective

  • Gunma Bank's Head Coach, Hiro Takahashi, and Karla Klarić announced their 退団 or 任意引退 departure

  • More shake up at Brilliant Aries. All three players say they will continue with the business side of things, stop playing

    9 Natsuki Nogami OP 2022.05.21 Retire

    10 Karin Nojima OH 2022.05.21 Retire

    15 Nana Hirano OH 2022.05.21 Retire

    Ken Inoue Head Coach 2022.05.21 Resign

    • Nogami was a strong player from NSSU who won the Fresh Star Award in last Summer League. She took up libero duties when Captain Mizutani got injured. I'm surprised
    • Nojima got a lot of starter playing time her rookie year. Also surprised she's hanging it up. She's NEC Kasumi Nojima's little sister
    • Hirano tore her ACL a year ago. She was a blast and a very solid OH the previous season. Probably realized full strength ain't coming back. Sads :(

    Inoue was a last minute add at the beginning of last season and he never missed an opportunity to point it out. He never seemed like he was going to stay. Now he's gone

    Brilliant Aries new Head Coach , Hideharu Hara , comes from JT Thunders 2019–22 and Hiroshima Oilers 2017–19, so he's a real Head Coach and not just someone from HR who likes volleyball. That's promising

  • Prestige International Aranmare Coach:

    "Last season I said I would make a super-attack type team, but this season I am training to further improve the attack power.

    This year's team is "ultra-super-attack type".


  • Gunma Bank losing a few of their top guns:

    7 Akane Terasaka OH 2022.05.30 Transfer Hope DOB 1997-12-30

    8 Yuika Nakata OH 2022.05.30 Withdraw DOB 1993-08-16

    10 Sho Arai OH 2022.05.30 Transfer Hope DOB 1998-06-30

    Yuika Nakata is a little older so I'm leaving her as ambiguous. She likes to move around and probably still thinks she's better than most on her team, so I wouldn't be surprised if she Transfer Hopes too.

    The other two are ambiguous in their blurbs but are still young and pretty good. I bet they Transfer Hope. Sho, for sure

    Sho Arai is a solid OH, good reception, and gives the impression she's MVP while hitting 25%. It's an illusion. She would be good for Kurobe

    Akane Terasaka is/was a lefty OP who sorta kinda switched to MB when Gunma tried some iteration of the Hybrid6. Solid at the net but not much more

    Maybe a bunch of Kurobe joins Gunma and plans to beat Kurobe in the Challenge Match and show them what's what

    New Era, and whatnot

  • And GSS Tokyo Sunbeams best player Hanako Nishijyo OP just changed her 退団 or 任意引退 whatever to Transfer Hoper

    There's a lot of good players out there on the free market. Exciting :!:

  • Brilliant Aries Maki Yamaguchi just announced as Transfer Hoper. Yikes! Too bad for the Allies. She started as OH (as in Uni) and switched to MB and did very well. I think she has her eyes on a V1 team

  • vbm has a five page interview with Asumi Gaya who used to play for GSS Tokyo Sunbeams. She is now Captain of new team wannabes Tokyo Cerisier. Sounds like they don't have enough players for a team yet (there is a boys version). They don't have a web site for the girls, so I don't take them seriously

    The article lead is:

    "Asumi Gaya, a middle blocker who was a popular player with more than 10,000 Instagram followers while belonging to the volleyball V2 (V League 2nd division) team."

    so I super don't take it seriously

    It's mildly interesting to learn that Kumina Shimahara, new PFU setter who transfer hoped from Breath Hamamatsu, Reina Tokoku who just 退団 or 任意引退 Denso, and Chiyo Suzuki the beach player who just 退団 or 任意引退 Kurobe have been hanging out practicing with them

    Other than that it seems a little sus that vbm would devote the time and space to Asumi or her team when there are several other teams, with web sites :) , that are way ahead of them in line for ... everything. Are there some backstage shenanigans going on ? :/

  • Two years ago when Gunma Bank's Setter and Captain went out with injury they "borrowed" Yamanashi Chuo Bank Sporting Bears' setter Natsuko Matsuo and proceeded to win the Championship. She's still a Green Wing

    Ligare Sendai recently poached OH Kanae Yagishita from my favorite team to namedrop: Yamanashi Chuo Bank Sporting Bears

    Yamanashi Chuo Bank Sporting Bears are money. They won two Gold and one Silver in the All Japan National 6-Person Volleyball League Comprehensive Overall Grand Champions Cup Final Men's and Women's Championship Tournament thing during Kanae's tenure. The AJN6PVLCOGCCFM&WC Tournament is where Himeji and Brilliant Aries got their start

    Arisa Sato has spoken highly of Kanae. She is Ligare Sendai's representative for the "Meet the Mayor of Fukaya City" promo thing they are doing for Summer League

    Yamanashi Chuo Bank Sporting Bears Ligare Sendai could very well be the future :super: