Olympic Games 2020 - general thread

  • Damn, 5 days left before the closing ceremonies, the days are flying quick. I must say this Olympics with so much tension, drama, intrigues, surprises, H&S issues, and many more is still one of the best Olympics ever. Kudos to the host country, and the athletes that gave inspiration, positivity, and something to ponder upon in these trying times (pandemic)

  • Bol did great! She only began 400m hurdle in 2018 and now winning the bronze in a personal best (European record) at the Olympics:white: Hope she will develop furter and the battle will only become even more interesting^^

  • Let's go orange Go to sleep :lol::lol:

    What a race!

    Hahaha set my alarm for this:rolll: First I saw Turkey losing to Korea:what: KYK what a player:obey: Than this amazing race:cheesy: Now watching our field hockey women's team go to the final:super: Than sleep for a little while until USA VS Dominican Republic starts:D

  • I admire the camaraderie of the women's skateboarding athletes. Every time an athlete has finished her turn, everyone is hugging everyone. What a positive atmosphere

  • Katie Nageotte jumping over 4.90 by pole vault and winning the gold!:cup:

  • The Netherlands takes silver and bronze in the heptathlon:what::woohoo:

    Great athletics tournament for the Netherlands! Kudos to Anouk Vetter for winning silver. She quit athletics for a while, because the pressure was to high and she couldn't handle it. Eventually she found her joy back and barely qualified for the Olympics and now she won the silver:flower: Also kudos to Oosterwegel for a unexpected bronze medal!^^

    So much respect for Nafi Thiam, defending her Olympic titel! For me she is one of the best athletes of all time:obey::heart:

  • US men sprinters are flopping so hard. They lost 110 hurdles, didnt qualify in 4x100 because of poor baton passing, lost 200m, lost 400m. All of which they were favorites to win.

    this Olympics in their standards and who was favorites, has been terrible. Swimming, athletics, rowing, plus whatever else I’m missing

    in athletics the men didn’t get a triple jump medal (were favored), the defending 1500 champ didn’t even make the final, the gold medal favorites in the 100/200 didn’t win. No decathlete either.

    at least we have Athing Mu and Sydney McLaughlin 😌

  • Quan Hongchan - 14-year-old Chinese diving prodigy has won the 10m, platform dive. She also has scored perfect 10's thrice during the finals. What a star