2024 Paris Olympic Games

  • If Canada had won the match against DR the team would have a lot of chances to qualify

  • Oh my, What an upset! I was almost sure China would win it once it goes to a tiebreak :white:

  • LOLOL tbh CVA needed to be taught a lesson - if China doesn’t even qualify to the Olympics this will be the BIGGEST upset lol 😂 but ofc they still will. Goes to show how little depth the team has and how poor the coaching decisions have been…

  • Omg, inversed jinx them. They already leading. They lost lol. I jinxed them.

    But CAN just woke in right side of the bed. They are firing in all cylinders today. I do not think CHN is having a bad game day but the OH2 could be better defensively.

    my friend we were leading 6-1 in the tiebreak...

  • Well, that was unexepcted. Maglio is hero from the shadow of this match, KVR played great match, so happy for them both :heart:

    Still even if China loses to us, they will qualify if they win both NED and DR with <5 sets.. I want China to qualify, but also want us to win last game lol :lol:

  • i am not a math fan 😂 doea Canada has any chance to be in the top 2 or gain enough ranking points if the VNL (preproposed) is good for them?

    Through points very unlikely, although not impossible.

    They have small chances now, even if they win all their remaining games it’s still not to them. They would need very specific outcome of last 3 games of NED, DR, CHN and SRB

  • situation in Group A:

    Top 4 play single round-robin. I am pretty sure Canada is out. Madden54

    Canada is down so much on points that they would have to pray that China, Netherlands, Dominican Republic all have two losses (i.e beat each other and all lose to Serbia).

  • CHN definitely cannot beat SRB. NED and DOM is debatable. But would I wish for DOM to make it all the way. CHN is assured the Asian slot anyhow regardless of JPN's Qualifying result.

    If Japan wins the spot then there won’t be such Asian slot for China.

    Netherlands & DOM can definitely challenge China, they did it in the VNL already. The Dutch are now playing even better than they were in the VNL and playing with more confidence after winning the medal in ECH. The Dominicans are always dangerous, they can win anyone if Marte is having her rare good day lol

    China should have no problem to qualify by world ranking even if they fail to win the spot in this OQT, but it’d be definitely a big failure for them.

  • next match against Netherlands is decisive for China. Both have played similarly (and even lost to Canada similarly)

  • i am not a math fan 😂 doea Canada has any chance to be in the top 2 or gain enough ranking points if the VNL (preproposed) is good for them?

    imo giving the results Canada should aim to qualify for Wins and not points.

    It would be good/must for Canada collect wins in all next matches.

    SerBia should win all next matches. That would put NL, RE and CH with 2 defeats each. So this teams will face each other and Canada would need a win and loss from these teams when they face each other. So all would collect 3 defeats and Canada would have only 2 defeats.

    In fact if Canada don’t qualify and if China don’t qualify either would be bad for Canada because NL and RD are closer in rankings points.