2024 Paris Olympic Games

  • Things would be interesting if on the final day Serbia vs China serbia is already qualified and then throw against china to rest players

  • would be smarter imo to put China in the pressure of qualify by ranking points instead of been relaxed in VNL

  • I remember I said that this canadian team was so much promising and if they stayed 5 years at vnl they could be top 10th

    Now they are 11th with 30 points behind number 10 and with chances aluve to qualify to Paris

  • Canada to qualify has to win out and preferrable 3-0 in those matches, because that will get them to 14 points with 5 wins, and 17-10 sets won-lost (1.70)

    Serbia with one win would be ahead of Canada, even if tied on points, Serbia getting a total of six set wins over the final 3 matches will put their sets ratio ahead of Canada (18-10). But Serbia would only reach 4 wins, if that happened.

    Serbia if they win out against DR, China and Netherlands, would mean that best that all three teams (DR, China and Netherlands) would get to 5 wins.

    However, all three teams could still reach 16 points. Basically Canada needs all of the China-Netherlands-DR matches to go five sets as this would keep them from getting maximum points. Instead this would mean the max 13 (2+1+0 (Serbia) match points. Canada would overtake all of them with the 3 wins at max points with 14. Probably the best and maybe only scenario for Canda to qualify right now.

  • Wow finally this tournament is giving us something. Congrats Canada!

    I think the Poland x Thailand and Germany x Slovenia matches are also open for an upset, hope so at least.

  • Group Amess is back :cheesy: as far as Canada winning everything now: lets not underestimate Czech Republic and Ukraine, the latter lost all matches 3-0 but none of those were very easy. Czech girls even got a win and a set vs the "top" teams. I kinda hope that one of them can beat Canada for extra chaos, and because they could reward themselves for playing very solid so far! I'm afraid Mexico will end without a win, but they are one of those teams that should aim for the future with their young players (like Slovenia and Bulgaria).

    But just imagine Canada, Germany and Japan qualifying through this OQT, then NL and DOM are basically done already /crying in laughter/

  • Poland started poorly from 0-6 and loosing first set. Then in second they smashed Thailand 25-7 :what: I wonder how it will go further...

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