2022 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • I don't like the competition which will last about month and a half (even more).

    I mean i get it, the goal is to play as many matches as possible in any format, and that may be interesting to the fans (although for me VNL in the current format becomes tiring after ), also that can help some teams with new players in the line up to test them, make the team chemistry and i agree that is important and positive sides about that competition. But I really don't think that the mass of matches here really has a positive impact on the number of high quality and uncertain matches (not necessarily related) which as a fan is the most important to me. I also think that the players will not be able to maintain the same level of games and motivation in such a long tournament.

    Either there will be a lot of oscillations or there will be shifts and replacements of A, B, C, ..., teams lineups throughout the competition.

    For Introducing Knockout phase big like!

  • Pool Play? Meh... is it 12 matches against the same 8 teams? That would be boring. Or am I reading it wrong.

    Yeah.. I don't fully understand the new formula. Teams will be split into 2 group of 8 teams and every team will play 12 games. 12 not 14? That's weird.

    It wasn't quite clear how the pools are arranged. I do have some thoughts on the arrangement to fit into the number of games that mentioned in the announcement.

    No. 1: The 16 teams are divided into 4 groups (let's say ABCD). Each pool consists of two groups. The teams only play against the teams in the other group, not in their group. Then every week each team will play 4 games. Each pool play 16 games. All together there are 96 games for the preliminary round. Every week pool 1 and 2 swipe one group. Then each team will play against the 12 teams in other groups.

    For example

    Week 1: Pool 1-AB, Pool 2-CD

    Week 2: Pool 1-AC, Pool 2-BD

    Week 3: Pool 1-AD, Pool 2-BC

    However, how to distribute these groups is a problem, since there will be six hosts.

    No. 2: The pools are decided first, then each pool will be separated into two groups randomly (maybe by drawing of lots). Each team will play against the 4 teams in the other group. In this way, the team may play against another team for more than once.

    It's just my guess. So the exact format need to be clarified by FIVB.

  • Best tournament there is, if you ask me


    I don’t know any more

  • I don't like new formula

    With new formula i'm 100% sure we gonna have unbalanced group

    Til this year at least eveything play and best advance

  • I don't like new formula

    With new formula i'm 100% sure we gonna have unbalanced group

    Til this year at least eveything play and best advance

    will unbalance even matter?

    half of the teams don't even send their good teams. Maybe less next year (if some Olympians learned their lessons :whistle:)

    Top 4 from each pool will advance, even with bad balance... if you can't be top 4.. you probably shouldn't be there in the first place :lol::lol:

  • Ihope they stop that stupid idea of core and challenge teams that is the reason some teams don't take it serious

    Korea and thailand don't deseeve to be core teams

  • No one deserves to be a core team, especially with the way ranking works nowadays

  • I actually like VNL since I get to watch countries like Belgium, Canada, etc. play :box:I dont understand the new format though 8o I just hope more teams take VNL more seriously since it has better format than Olympics. And teams get to play against a more diverse group.

    Edit. Plus we get to have better coverage of games and more highlights in Youtube. The national teams were accomodated very well even in the middle of the pandemic. Player vlogs dont get blocked. I just hope the DJ remains the same :dance6:

  • I'm not really sure if it's just a partnership. I guess that this CVC fund owns 'VolleyballWorld' brand.

    Edit: As it was mentioned in different thread, this fund now invests 40 mn euro in italian league volleyball.

    Think of it this way….With basically no income coming in for the FIVB in 2020 from any event and no sponsorships the Federation needed cash. FIVB and CVC are partners on this.

    Per the press release, “Volleyball World will become the commercial entity for the sport around the world, initially for FIVB and aiming at working later alongside other leagues and federations, with the goal of increasing the profile and popularity of the sport, through fresh investment for the benefit of fans, players and National Federations. Volleyball World will be responsible for the commercial operation of key volleyball and beach volleyball international events, including: the World Championships, Olympic Qualifiers and the Volleyball Nations League. The partnership will focus on event hosting, fan experience, media, data/digital opportunities, and sponsorship to grow commercial revenues for reinvestment, which will ensure the long-term success of the sport.

    FIVB is the larger shareholder in VBW per the press release as well.