2022 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • I like how team USA system works, regardless of individuals. I am looking forward to seeing Stevenson play, and I believe she could be more useful and efficient than Rettke. Good to see JT back on court. On the other side of the net, I have nothing to say about team DOM, which became their usual, even though it is the first match of the summer season.

    Germany had a lot of chances that they couldn’t capitalize at the end. Some changes made by Heynen were questionable in my opinion. I am happy there are new players in Brazil and hope to see more of them and hopefully they’ll get better. I am sad to hear that Julia won’t make it to WCH due to her studies. I remember Logan Tom taking some classes in Italy later in her career in order to graduate. Julia could do that too. (Just kidding, and also not)

  • what a stupid reason to miss volleyball. almost as stupid as the young brazilian's "school" excuse.

    SMH, millennials these days.

    well education is important. and she's smart studying physics.

    I mean Brazil has lots of new talent right now available

  • Thoughts on the teams we saw yesterday:

    Thailand: VERY excited to see them play! Great plays, defense, cohesiveness, good job by Pornpun and ofc the pins! I think it's too early to start hoping for a top 8 finish, and I think it will greatly depend on which lineups they face from the other teams, but definitely not impossible! Looking forward to their next match.

    Bulgaria: Was expecting more to be honest, they seemed greatly unprepared for this match. Ofc they have key members missing, but most of the players playing were their starters anyways. Will have to see more of them to determine exactly where they stand.

    Turkey: Good performance overall, great job by Hande and Saliha. I still don't understand why, less than ten days after the CL final, Guidetti has to play full force A-team against a team that is obviously struggling. I get that it's in front of their home crowd, and their goal is to win vnl this year etc, but have poor Zehra and Cansu had even a day's rest? Their last two months at VB were exhausting at the very least.

    Italy: I liked what I saw from Bonifacio, I wish she had more chances, but even the fact that she had chances to score seems miraculous, considering the level of reception. Malinov must seriously hate her teammates. The rest were meh.

    Germany: They seriously have to let go of this annoying habit of reaching 20 points and then collapsing all together. The match could have gone either way, Germany could have taken easily the first 3 sets, had they capitalized. They missed some of Lippmann's firepower from the right, but I think that the clear problem was the setting. They have the right pieces in almost all positions, but they still seem unable to translate that into wins (taken into consideration results in the previous years, that is).

    Brazil: Nice first game, it's good they have a mix of veterans (Macris, Carol, Lorenne) and first-timers. Looking forward to more Julia B, but also Ana Cristina. Since last summer, Carol has grown into one of my favorite Brazilian players. I'm curious to see them against the USA.

    DR: Also expected more of them. Service reception as always a problem, setting problematic as well. Pena and Gaila can be much better. The absence of Braylin and Brenda was evident.

    USA: I had no idea what to expect, and at first I was terrified by the lack of Larson/Krob/MBH, but they did good. Hentz's defense was impressive, JT once she warmed up was her usual (pre-injury) self, service reception was not as bad as I thought it would be, and it was great to see Carlini and SWP back. Ofc, this was against a clearly struggling DR team, and there are still aspects to be fixed (see: Back row defense), so we'll see how this lineup (and the rest of the newbies) hold against stronger teams.

  • TVF president said some players(assuming Vakıfbank players) had a couple more day-offs but the players wanted to join trainings instead. I guess this shows how much the players like to play in NT and missed it. Also I guess they wanted to be in Ankara and experience the amazing atmosphere.

  • TVF president said some players(assuming Vakıfbank players) had a couple more day-offs but the players wanted to join trainings instead. I guess this shows how much the players like to play in NT and missed it. Also I guess they wanted to be in Ankara and experience the amazing atmosphere.

    Playing in NT brings so much popularity right now. Look at Meryem Boz, she is getting still sponsorship deals just because of her performance during Olympic qualifications. All starting 6 signed big TV advertisement deals etc. Volleyball's popularity exceeds almost basketball

  • I'm curious to see if Belgium will keep up with the tradition of going 5 every other match

  • can Netherlands beat China today?

    IMO nope. Even without key players China is still very uncomfortable to play against. I think that block-defense China system will be too much for Netherlands with young starters.

    I have bad intuition about Poland performance. They have to catch very bad reception from Canada's side. Because in offense I think Kiera and Alexa won't be struggling at all. I hope Poland gonna win but I feel 5 sets

  • sciew

    Not sure if you know about this .....ASTRO is showing all the matches live on Ch. 812

    Yeahhh I just checked it out just now! They didn't show last night's show though, so I had to find a stream X( Either way, I'll still watch online since my parents are on the TV :rolll:

    THanks for the info though, Julian!

  • Any streams for Belgium-Serbia, friends?

  • Some of you don't really understand how magical last year was for popularity of volleyball in Turkey. (Even losing QF didn't stop it)

    Turkey is host now. Of course Gui will put all the starters on the court. Tickets were sold out in a day. Then they add additional seats on court.

    Women's volleyball was never only a sport in Turkey. It's more than a sport. It's like a bridge connects all the rights (voting in 1930 etc) women earned with the foundation of Republic of Turkey and its representation in society. In 1980's, Eczacibasi's club president had to go to the some of the homes to ask permissions from families for their girls to play volleyball. Thanks to all the efforts Eczacibasi and Cengiz Gollu put, people started to "be okay" with it. Then 2003 miracle happened, fans started to call girls "sultan's of the net".

    With all those club investments in 2010's, volleyball was one of the most successful sports in Turkey but it was always missing some attention.

    Last summer, people were looking for something to enjoy while having bad time in the country in general. The way team fights, success, the beauty of some girls, ebrar's being openly lesbian, what girls represent, gui's tours to Eastern Turkey(less developed)...So many factors became together and volleyball turned out as super popular. European Championship final matches were on main channel of state(turkish bbc), not even on sport Channel.

    This is first time NT plays in Turkey after last summer. Everyone wanna watch main players. Gui can make rotation in week 3 when Turkey already guarantees first 8 (Probably after the first 2 weeks). Turkey will get the first seed cause of hosting. So, last week won't matter.

  • malinov is relieved after watching marte and van de vyver

    Ilka come back pleasw,your sister is doing awful