2022 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • For now you can’t compare SWP with Larson, Hill, Robinson, Bartsch. She is not on that level yet.

    But does She has potential yes She has. But don’t put her on level of this players that is why She is gone be “attacked”.

    For sure She has bigger potential than Bajema or Plummer.

    But I find Frantti on another hand as better player in near future. If She can keep her growing as player.

  • I think Japan is very close in solving that MB problem. I saw a post in Twitter they are a trying to naturalize a foreign player from philippines. 1.95cm, been playing in jvl for 4 seasons and heard she was doing well with Japanese system. Currently best MB in JVL. I think they also have another opposite naturalize player name valdes?. I am a fan of Japanese team and I am getting some updates. These 2 possible naturalize players might help Japanese more solid.

  • She only had very few attempts. Let's see how her stat will look at the end of tournament (if she would get playing time)

  • FIVB is still giving players prize money for each match played.

    At least before covid, German players had to give their prize money to the federation, otherwise the federation could not have afforded to play VNL. It might be a little easier moneywise since there is no tournament in Germany this year.

    In 2018 the home tournaments in VNL caused a loss of ~250.000€ for the German federation, the prize money for the players was ~120.000€. I think the numbers are combined for men and women.

    Source in German:


  • I don't think so, her reception was quite subpar while she was playing in Turkey. sitenoise was SWP's reception 'fine' in Japan?


  • Will Egonu be in the 2nd week of VNL?

  • I hope we can see Czyrnianska, Smarzek and Stysiak for the 2nd week as Poland will play against all-libero teams and they need some power in attack :lol: