2022 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • Horrendous performance by Brazil

  • Malinov is playing well tonight. Justice

    How can our block be so clueless? It's Malinov on the other side for Christ sake!

  • Egonu with only 9 points? What's going on here? 😅

    Italian middles is going on here 😅

  • Because she is blonde and has green eyes

    🤡 Colorism is a global issue that needs to be mentioned more often tbh... And it's everywhere

  • I would put Roberta and Ana Cristina instead of Macris and Gabi and that's it. Julia can take care of the reception line.

  • You can't speculate homophobia for everyone who dislikes someone who happens to be gay. This is too much of stretch, also we don't even know if Gui doesn't like Ebrar. It is literally based one sentence which we don't even know whether she refers to guidetti or not🤦

    Guilty until proven innocent to me 💅

  • bewbs may play a role

  • "Brasil is so bad that it looks like it's playing a final match"

  • Brazil always late to the game. Come from behind?