2022 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • germany just had an ugly touch

    and herbots told the ref "my mom can set it better"

    i am crying

    i would have to think herbots mom might actually have been Able to lmao

  • commentator just said FIVB rule on double touch is lenient-er now and only called if the contacting team gets an advantage from it

  • What happened to Kästner? She was not this bad last year if I am not remembering wrong :S

    I agree, she is one of those players who ironically get worse in years whereas most setters get better in time. Bongaerts is also another one, she was very promising while she was a junior, nowadays she is plain boring and her technique even seems to regress

  • Belgium NT could bê such a good team with ALL players..:(

  • I had higher hopes for the Dutch :(

  • Imagine Grobelna, Van Hecke, Albrecht and a healthy Van Gestel playing for Belgium right now :(

    Heyman.. .. Rosseaux.. Its really bad to wacth a team wuithout a proper Opp or at least a receiving Opp. This hurt the team a lot imo.

  • Belgium NT with all players would have a good chance of making Paris 2024.

  • Good names mean nothing with a bad coach.. they would just keep playing Herbotsball anyway

  • Herborts is going to break the record of points in VNL...She already made 31 points... Does anyone know what is the record??

  • this is too much points... Herborts cant take this record

  • Alsmeier was amazing today.

  • Lazovic's arma swing isnt good...