Japan - 7th V9 Women's Champ League 2021

  • Japan - 7th (Reiwa 3) V9 Champ League
    (Women's First League) 2021

    Panasonic Bluebells
    (Champions 2020)

    Denso Ten Red Phoenix
    (2nd Place 2020)

    Mazda Cross Nine
    (3rd Place 2020)

    Ibiden Regulus
    (4th Place 2020)

    Kagoshima Bank Regionwings
    (5th Place 2020)

    Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank Blue Rabbits
    (6th Place 2020)

    Hita Kenshin White Dolphin.png
    Hita Kenshin White Dolphin
    Sanden Blue Ecores

    This year's Women's First League Tournament --usually contested during the summer months-- has been condensed and rescheduled.

    1. Osaka Tournament - Panasonic Gymnasium, Osaka Prefecture
    2. Regular round: September 18–20, 2021
      • Seven team single round robin (Part 1)
    3. Water City Ogaki Tournament - Ogaki City Gymnasium, Gifu Prefecture
      • Regular round: October 23–24, 2021
        • Part 2 of the seven team single round robin
    4. Kobe Tournament - Kobe Municipal Central Gymnasium, Hyogo Prefecture
      • Final League: November 13–14, 2021
        • Top four after Regular Round play a four team single round robin; Bottom three after Regular Round play a three team single round robin
    5. Tokyo Tournament - Sumida Ward General Gymnasium, Tokyo
      • Final Tournament: December 11–12, 2021
        • Semifinals and Final for the Top 4; pseudo semifinal/Final for the Bottom 3
        • The ultimate bottom feeder of Women's First League will play the 2nd place finisher from Women's Second League as a Challenge/Relegation Match. The Women's Second League 1st place finisher will promote to Women's First League

    [Update 2021.09.15] - Osaka Tournament First Round has been canceled.

    The Second League tournament will be held concurrently with the First League, at separate venues, such that on the last day of the First League Tournament the Second League's 2nd place finisher will play the First League's bottom feeder in the Challenge/Relegation Match.

    First League team Sanden Blue Ecores appears to have hung up their towels for good. They did not participate last year and are officially out this year. Hence, the first place finishing Second League team will automatically promote to bring the First League back to eight teams.

    First League team Hita Kenshin White Dolphin also did not participate last year. They are a medical care company and declined out of an abundance of caution. Depending on the covid states of emergency they may ultimately not participate this year. The Blue Ecores are a car parts company.

    Panasonic Bluebells have won this all six times it's been contested so far. They're awesome :heart:


    Because it is expected that there will be no audience, live distribution will be carried out for the first time on YouTube on the second day of ② or ③


  • The rapscallions at V9 volleyball snuck in a warmup tournament a couple weeks ago without telling me :cursing:

    Heralded as "V9 Champ Exchange Tournament", it had four teams from First League and three teams from Second League. All matches were two sets, tie-breakers be damned

    Final Result:

    #TeamSets W
    Sets L
    Points W
    Points L
    Point Spread
    1stPanasonic Bluebells111248128120
    1stDenso Ten Red Phoenix111250130120
    3rdIbiden Regulus66205219– 14
    4thPanasonic Tsu Advance57194242– 48
    5thTWCPE48196229– 33
    6thShinkin Bank Blue Rabbits39172239– 67
    7thNSSU210164242– 78

    There is video of all the matches here for those into that kind of thing. They are youtube videos also located on the 9volleyball youtube channel but easier to locate at their web site. The videos are all end of court single stationary camera, but fidelity is top notch, about the equivalent of Coach YURI BULYCHEV's analyst view videos. (small bummer for me is that since the teams don't switch sides, we get only one view of a team, and every single Bluebells match has them far side of court --and they are wearing masks)

  • This is not a good sign. Panasonic Bluebells just updated their match schedule with a strikethrough on the 1st Round:

  • The Osaka Tournament First Round scheduled for September 18–20, 2021 has been canceled. The official 9-ball people haven't fessed up to it but both Panasonic Bluebells and Denso Ten Red Phoenix (the only teams with web sites) have removed the Osaka Tournament from their schedules

    No word yet on how they will restructure the remaining three rounds. Color me bummed

  • How lame. The tournament was scheduled to start last night and didn't, and the official web site and twitter crap have nothing to say about it