New Ball is very hard

  • Hey fellas.

    Im not that much into the volleyball game, but today I bought one of my first own balls.

    I didnt buy a really expensive one, this one was about 20€.

    The thing is now that no matter if the Ball is pumped up or even only half full with air, my forearm does hurt while receiving.

    Its not that Im not used to playing volleyball. Im playing 2 times a week so I'd I know how it should feel like.

    Is this normal for new balls to be that hard, or is it just a bad one?

    Thanks for helping

  • Must be a bad one, do you have pics? If you could save a few more € go for the original ones. I got mine the V200W for 75€ which is a very worthy buy

  • cheap balls use cheap materials, and hence feel like crap and hurt every time you pass it. When I got my first Tachikara, life changed.

    The ball should have a slight cushiony feel when you pass it. Cheap balls do not have that feel, just so hard on the outside.

    If possible, buy something from the FIVB brands, Molten, Mikasa, Tachikara (not used in FIVB), because of the experience in making the balls for many years. Also using a beach volleyball is also a little softer too.