Russia - SUPERLEAGUE 2021/2022

  • The start of the new season is tomorrow. The old playoff format is back (thank god...).

    Same 14 teams we had last season. Short preview for each team:

    Lokomotiv: They were not the best team last season but the best team when it counted (final 6). They look stronger this season and should at least make the final. Most of the team is the same from last season. Filishtinskaya, Smarzek and Busa are the big new names.

    Moscow: Similar team to last season. With Vasileva and Begic back to two foreigners. IMHO they have the best options on OH position. Seems a waste of talent that Krotkova, Simonenko and Pipurynova probably wont be starter... Top 3 place is a must.

    Kazan: The best team for most of last season and cup winner looks to be weaker. Startseva and Fedorovtseva left. Lazareva, Sperskaite and Lazarenko joined the team. Will be interesting to see whether Popova has a shot as a starting setter or not. Sperskaite had a mediocre season at Krasnodar hopefully the new club helps her to improve. Kadochkina should be healthy again and looked promising at the EC. Kostina and Zamanskaya from the youth team joined the first team. I think they both have the potential to be good allround OH. Still a top three team but might be not as strong at the beginning of the season.

    Uralochka: Parubets is back. Almost the same team as last season (Anisova left, libero Karpol is back and replaces Pilipenko). Top 6.

    Minchanka: 5th place last season. Almost the same team. Top 8 team.

    Proton: Main changes on OH/OPP (Russu, Bavykina and Simonenka left, Lozo, Korzhova and O. Frolova joined). Most of the team is under 25. Looks like Maksimova is the starting OPP (Chernova might be an option too). Will be interesting to see how Marichev is going to play. 6th place of last season will be difficult to achieve.

    Krasnodar: Several starting players left (Sperskaite, Khaletskaya, Lazarenko, Lazareva, Pipunyrova). Shevchuck and Kotikova joined. They have two young player on OPP but they did not impress in the first cup round. I hope they will improve during the season. For now Sukhoverkhova might be the best choice for OPP. Top 8 should still be possible.

    Leningradka: Dijekame is the biggest new name. Three new MB and changes on libero position. But OH (comeback of Kutyukova) and OPP is more or less the same. Top 8.

    Lipetsk: The surprise team of last season (7th after regular season) with new setters and changes on OH position. I hope Gorbunova is improving her reception skills and play OH. It is the comeback season for Malykh (joined during last season and barely played). Top 8 would be a surprise.

    Enisey: More or less the same team as last season. They are lacking options in attack. 10th place after regular season last year. I do not expect them to do better this season.

    Tulitsa: No major changes (Martiniuc and Bavykina joined). Not the best reception but pretty good offense. They had 8 wins last season. I think they can do slightly better this time.

    Sparta: Captain Shatunova left. I don't know the new players but I think reception will be a problem. The will try to leave several teams behind them.

    Zarechie: The youth team of the league got even younger. Most player are under 22 years old. They played surprisingly well agains Lokomotiv in the cup match. They will try not the end up on the last place.

    Dinamo-Metar: The most important change is probably new coach Koshkin. I think he did a good job in Sakhalin. He can't do worse than his predecessors since the club had some terrible seasons. I don't know the setters but the rest of the team looks pretty capable. Their OPP (Akimova and Samoylova) are stronger than the OPP of the direct opponents (Zarechie, Sparta, Enisey). If all works well they could make top 10.

    Leningradka-Krasnodar is probably the most interesting match of the first round (Leningradka is favourite). Proton-Lipetsk and Uralochka-Tulitsa might be interesting too.

  • Tomorrow Moscow and Loko will face each other. I guess this match will give the winner the SuperCup title. Idk.

  • So the Russian Cup's semifinals are over. Moscow, Kazan, Kaliningrad, and Leningradka (host) will play the Final 4.

    Here there's a summary of the semifinals

    Group A

    Loko beat Saratov, Krasnodar, and Severyanka.

    Top performances:

    33 pts against Saratov - Smarzek

    23 pts against Saratov - Reshetnikova

    20 pts against Lokomotiv - Lozo

    18 pts against Lokomotiv - Chernova

    7 blocks against Saratov - Evdokimova

    Group B

    Moscow beat Metar and Lipetsk. Metar beat Lipetsk.

    Top performances:

    24 pts against Lipetsk - Goncharova

    22 pts against Lipetsk - Akimova

    20 pts against Moscow - Kapustina

    14 pts against Metar - Goncharova

    4 aces against Metar - Fetisova

    Group C

    Kazan qualified. They beat Tulitsa and Sparta, but lose against Uralochka in a tiebreak. Uralochka played this tournament with an A/B team and that's why they lost against Sparta and Tulitsa.

    Top performances:

    34 pts (53 %) against Tulitsa - Fabris

    31 pts (51 %) against Sparta - Parubets

    31 pts (53 %) against Uralochka - Gatina

    25 pts against Kazan - Parubets

    21 pts against Kazan - Montalvo Cese

    20 pts against Uralochka - Lazarenko

    18 pts against Sparta - Fabris

    18 pts against Tulitsa - Kadochkina

    17 pts against Tulitsa - Nesterova (14 y.o)

    5 aces against Tulitsa - Bricio

  • Yesterday, there was the Dinamo's derby and Kazan won 3-2. The whole match was a mess due to setters. I know Startseva isn't the best setter, but she wouldn't play as bad as those setters did. Hope either Moscow or Kazan hires her because she hasn't found a club so far. Even though the game was a mess, there were some players that I liked: Kadochkina and Lazarenko, both scored 20 pts. Malova was great too. From Moscow's side, Vasileva, Fetisova, and Goncharova were good.

    Tomorrow there's Lokomotiv-Uralochka, and Metar-Lipetsk. Those matches should be exciting, I guess.

  • I was under the impression Startseva asked for a break this club season or is she looking for a club now? Earlier in the season there were rumors she would go to Lokomotiv but obviously it didn't happen.

  • Yesterday, there was the Dinamo's derby and Kazan won 3-2. The whole match was a mess due to setters. I know Startseva isn't the best setter, but she wouldn't play as bad as those setters did. Hope either Moscow or Kazan hires her because she hasn't found a club so far. Even though the game was a mess, there were some players that I liked: Kadochkina and Lazarenko, both scored 20 pts. Malova was great too. From Moscow's side, Vasileva, Fetisova, and Goncharova were good.

    I agree that the setters were pretty bad. But you should consider that Vetrova joined Kazan only about two weeks before the match because Popova, who had a decent shot to be the starting setter, is injured. Lazareva is working well with Lazarenko (both played together last season in Krasnodar) but not so well with others... I think Romanova had a bad day.

    Tulitsa had a good start so far and is still undefeated (Loko too).

    Uralochka - Moscow tomorrow but the guests shouldn't have too much trouble.

  • Watching the replay of Krasnodar-Lokomotiv and I love me some Podskalnaya.. when did she become so nasty? She kept on provoking, and screaming through the net, I’m really surprised there was no a red card for her.. however I love it, she has always been one of my favorites, so fiery

  • Russian Cup is tomorrow and the day after in Saint Petersburg.

    Semifinals: Kazan vs Moscow, Leningradka vs Lokomotiv

    There is no clear favourite for the title but a win by the host would be a surprise.

    Lokomotiv is undefeated in the league but was not always convincing (Leningradka and Enisey both won a point in Kaliningrad). Buša is coming back from injury but was only used in back court so far. Lokomotiv won against both Moscow (3:1) and Kazan (3:0) but both games were at the beginning of the season.

    Kazan only lost to Loko. The former Krasnodar setters are playing so poorly so far that they should have given Popova a chance to play... Kazan against Moscow two months ago 3:2 (Lazarenko and Kadochkina with 20 points each).

    Moscow is currently in fourth place but they haven't played 3rd placed Tulitsa. They haven't lost a set in the league since November 7th.

    Leningradka is not as strong as they were last season (new setter and liberos) and currently seventh (5 wins in 11 games). The won the first two sets in Kaliningrad one months ago but lost the game in the end. They are lucky that they have to play Loko since they did not win a set against the other two teams this season but their chances to make the final are still rather low.

  • Ak Bars won the Russian Cup. Congrats! They were great :super:


    MVP: Samantha Fabris

    Best Setter: Laura Dijkema

    Best Spiker: Irina Voronkova

    Best Blocker: Irina Koroleva

    Best Libero: Anna Podkopaeva

  • My Samanta Fabris :heart:

    One more MVP award for her, never getting credits what She deserves :down::flower:

    But She is topping both Italian and Russian league.

  • Last week Lokomotiv lost their first league game of the season. Surprisingly it was Sparta (only three wins before the game) who was able to win in Kaliningrad. They managed to win 11 points in a row! Loko was without Smarzek and was not able to replace her (Stalnaya started as OPP and was replaced by Busa in the second set).

  • The first half of the qualification is over. Luckily the league was not much affected by covid. As expected Loko, Kazan and Moscow are ahead. Tulitsa did better than I expected and is in forth place (only lost to top three and Leningradka). Bavykina's reception is pretty solid this season and they have better substitutes than most teams.

    Parubets is back as top scorer but her reception is not yet as good as before the injury.

    My favourite newcomers (russians in first super league season) are Pushina and Kostina. Both are starter in their clubs (Kostina since she was loaned out to Enisey). Pushina has 58 % in attack (only Fitisova and Polyakova are higher), most block points (58, 1.21 per set) and is with 13 aces a good server too.