USA Athletes Unlimited 2022

  • 2022 Athletes


    1. Taylor Bruns - USA

    2. Tori Dilfer - USA

    3. Val Nichol - USA

    4. Nootsara Tomkom - Thailand

    5. Ray Santos - Puerto Rico

    6. Carli Lloyd - USA

    7. Natalia Valentin - Puerto Rico

    8. Alisha Glass - USA


    1. Sheilla Castro - Brazil

    2. Karsta Lowe - USA

    3. Naya Crittenden - USA

    4. Falyn Fonoimoana - USA

    5. Taylor Fricano - USA

    6. Sha'Dare McNeil - USA

    7. Niki Withers - USA

    8. (extra outside hitter/someone will be moved here)

    Outside Hitters

    1. Naomi Santos-Lamb - Puerto Rico

    2. Deja McClendon - USA

    3. Leah Edmond - USA

    4. Aury Cruz - Puerto Rico

    5. Erin Fairs - USA

    6. Cassidy Lichtman - USA

    7. Madison Rigdon-Villines - USA

    8. Lindsay Stalzer - USA

    9. Kalei Mau - Philippines

    10. Erica Wilson - USA

    11. Bethania De la Cruz - DOM

    12. Jamie Peterson - USA

    13. Dani Drews - USA

    Middle Blockers

    1. Molly McCage - USA

    2. Taylor Morgan - USA

    3. Ali Bastianelli - USA

    4. Lianna Sybeldon - USA

    5. Ronika Stone - USA

    6. Jenna Rosenthal - USA

    7. Taylor Sandbothe - USA

    8. Lauren Stivrins - USA

    9. Emma Willis - USA

    10. Rachael Fara - USA

    11. Yizhi "Eri" Xue - China

    12. Tina Boe - USA


    1. Morgan Hentz - USA

    2. Amanda Benson - USA

    3. Hana Lishman - USA

    4. Nomaris Velez - Puerto Rico

  • AU's site lists Tori Dixon under the 2022 athletes.... which would be interesting...

    and a waste for THY... I see no reason for them to sign her for what, a couple of champion's league matches? denzz

  • I just realized they have 4 liberos...

    I hope they don't follow what they did last season... (only have 4 liberos)

    There are several good NCAA liberos who could use this opportunity (no offense Kristen or Amanda :lol::lol:)

  • Tomkom is playing... that's so fun.

    It's going to be hosted in Dallas again.

    Also announced... there will be a draft for the NCAA players. I'll have to do more research to figure out what thats about…nd-dates-for-2022-season/

    Additional new players will be identified via the first ever Athletes Unlimited Volleyball College Draft, which will follow a format similar to the drafts conducted in Athletes Unlimited Softball and Lacrosse earlier this year. A total of 15 players who will have completed their NCAA eligibility in 2021 will be drafted during a live broadcast on Dec. 17, with the chance to be signed to the league for the 2022 season. The Volleyball College Draft will be streamed on YouTube and Facebook at 7 p.m. ET, and a live watch party will take place at the American Volleyball Coaches Association Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Hell yes! Tell her bring Pleumjit too!

    I already know these college girls are going to underestimate her, but she'll show them up. :box:

    omg can you imagine that?

    we need a catchy name for her.... some setter from Asia doesnt have the same ring as mom from Brazil

  • omg can you imagine that?

    we need a catchy name for her.... some setter from Asia doesnt have the same ring as mom from Brazil

    Nootsara is a catchy name :)

  • I got to thinking... I think we'll see some of the NCAA stars stay home and play AU.

    They'll get $10k plus bonuses.... which may be just as much as some of the clubs in Europe can offer for 4-5 months vs 5 weeks in Texas

  • But they said that She is gone play for them only for WCCH. So She can leave after that.