68th All Japan Intercollegiate Women's Championship 2021 (Nov 29–Dec 5)

  • Senri Kinran looks broken. No zip in their doo da any more. Spanked again :(

    Aoyama stays alive 29–27 set 3 , down 1–2

  • Poor Senri Kinran. The spanking never stopped: 14, 13, 13. They shot their wad in the first set. Except for the shorts I grew to like them quite a bit. Good run, girls. Thanks for the memories :rose:

  • As desired and expected ...

    Aoyama :box: NSSU

    :!: Tie Break :!:

  • I think NSSU looks better, and they are getting more confidence, love and support from their bench. Aoyama look like they are fighting for their lives. NSSU is executing the game they want to and if Aoyama lapses for even a moment NSSU will take the game away from them

  • Service error by Aoyama to lose the match. Didn't matter tho, they were down 10–14. But it was a symbolic fail. That's how they finished: flopping around lost

    It was odd and beautiful at the end. NSSU's main gun, Saki Ishikura, twisted her ankle or something at about 10–9 and that was the end for her, but she was all smiley and seemingly joking about it. That gave an opportunity for Kana Murata, from my favorite HS squad ever, Kyoei Gakuin 2019, to finish the match. And she got in a great smack :rose:

    So Semis are:

    Tsukuba v Tokai

    NSSU v Those Nagasaki Rapscallions

  • Quarterfinals 2021.12.03

    Nagasaki International




    A1 • 25-21, 26-24, 20-25, 25-22



    Shokei Gakuin


    C1 • 25-18, 25-19, 25-22



    Aoyama Gakuin


    A2 • 25-20, 25-23, 27-29, 23-25, 15-10



    Senri Kinran


    C2 • 30-32, 25-14, 25-13, 25-13

    I have a bad feeling they are going to play both SF matches at the same time tomorrow :mad: It appears we are going to be able to see them at Univas

  • I wasn't able to watch the QF, what are the best games to catch up on replay? Yes, they will likely have the SF at the same time considering the A1 and C1 written in the bracket. The Mens SF are A2 and C2.

    What a bummer.

    What matches to replay? That's tough to say because it's different when you know the outcome. For me the most exciting/competitive match was the Day 2 Fukuoka v Kaetsu full set. But they're both gone, so whatever :)

    Day 2's TWCPE v Tezukayama was fun because TWCPE seemed really ON, but they're a bunch of nobodies and they're gone too.

    Watching Nagasaki take out NIFS in the QF was very fun. Nagasaki had so much buzz, but NIFS looked like shit, so that was a drag. Senri Kinran also had one of those "buzz" games when they knocked out TWCPE in the 3rd Round. But again, nobody matches and they're gone.

    I personally like the 'nobody' matches but if you take the alternate route to watch matches to see players likely to advance to V.League with some credibility:

    Watch any Tsukuba. You have to experience The Real Yoshino Sato. Their full set against Tenri was fun in that Tsukuba played well in the 1st and the 5th, and Tenri sort of reached "nobody buzz" in 2–4. Last night's Tsukuba v was fun just for setter Shuri Kurata's game. Damn, I'm crushing hard on her :love:

    Now that I'm looking through the matches there are a bunch I have to catch up :white:

    Watch any NSSU match to see their setter Hitomi Shiode. She's going to be competition for Matsui (I think). The QF full set match last night against Aoyama was flippy floppy and frustrating. Not really one of the better matches but NSSU has a good libero and OH Saki Ishikura who's a goofball but pretty good--will probably enter V.League this winter. NSSU's defense actually surprised me last night :thumbup:. There's another Meguru sister on NSSU but I don't think she played. Aoyama has those two MBs who play a weird YOLO-esque all over the place game: Hiroyo Yamanaka who will likely enter V.League soon and that freshman Karen Edokkuporo who swings goofyfoot all the time :cheesy:. And since they play that weird game, both of their setters are worth looking at --- not Hitomi Shiode level but it takes some kind of game to high set your MBs :rolll: ... Aoyama's southpaw OP interests me but she's short

    Tokai has good players: setter Tsukasa Nakagawa from the Legendary 2019 Champion U20 squad. I think she's one of best setters out there but she's two feet tall :( I'm kind of done with Tokai though. Ameze Miyabe bothers me, but Sayaka Yokota is there. She's bulking up. I don't know if that's good or bad

    I think the SFs will be fun. If Tsukuba doesn't spank the daylights out of Tokai, I will kill myself

    NSSU v Nagasaki should be a riot. NSSU is the pro, "execute our plans team", and Nagasaki is just WTF'ing along with buzz. I love that kind of matchup because it's usually good psycho-warfare. I hope Nagasaki can intimidate NSSU with songs and dancing from their bench :box:

  • Ebata is commentating one of the matches

  • I don't know why I like Tsukuba so much. They're not a good defensive team :white:

  • Nagasaki 25–23 NSSU Set 1

    Tsukuba 27–25 Set 1

    Nagasaki 20–25 NSSU Set 2

    Tsukuba 21–25 Tokai Set 2


    Nagasaki 23–25 NSSU Set 3

    Tsukuba 19–25 Tokai Set 3


    Tsukuba's been so off in this tournament, playing like wimps. Tokai's whole machine is greased up: Miyabe and Yokota are delivering with prejudice

    Nagasaki is trying real hard but NSSU doesn't care about that

  • Semi-Finals 2021.12.04





    C • 27–25, 21–25, 19–25, 25–27



    Nagasaki International


    A • 23–25, 25–20, 25–23, 25–17

  • Tsukuba lost:wall:


    They didn't deserve to win, but I wish anyone else but Tokai had beat them

  • So, it will be Tokai vs. NSSU for the finals (lowkey supporting Tokai :rose:) Wait, is their a 3rd place match for the losers or what?

  • So, it will be Tokai vs. NSSU for the finals (lowkey supporting Tokai :rose:) Wait, is their a 3rd place match for the losers or what?

    There is a 3rd place match and I'm worried about it. These Nagasaki nobodies are pretty good

    I'm rooting highkey for NSSU. I'm not real sure why. I've been a big fan of Tokai since I started following Uni ball, but something soured me on them this tournament. I'm a big fan of some players on both teams but NSSU gets the edge

  • Not clear, for sure, but if it's one court and these are one after the other, the 3rd place playoff is likely around 13:00 and the Final at 16:00

    10:00 delivery start

    All Japan Volleyball University Championship Special Court

    Men's 3rd place playoff -- University of Tsukuba vs Chuo University

    Women's 3rd place playoff -- Nagasaki International University vs University of Tsukuba

    Women's final -- Nippon Sport Science University vs Tokai University

    Men's tiebreaker -- Juntendo University vs Waseda University

    [Edit] That looks like what it's going to be. It's live now, one court, and men are doing manly things

  • It looks to me like these Nagasaki Newcomers might beat Tsukuba . That will leave me sad and disappointed

    On the other hand I love it when Cinderella shows up for the ball :heart:

  • I hope this Nagasaki libero wins Best Libero :rose:

    [Edit] Furthermore ... I hope Nagasaki wins this Bronze Medal match. I love what they are doing. I don't like Tsukuba's game

    Tsukuba squeaked out a 26–24 win , Set 1