Japan Women's NT 2022

  • I don't think JVA would allow it given neither Valdes nor Tapia have any Japanese blood. Maybe limited to only 1 naturalised player.

    Wasn't Santiago from Ageo rumoured to naturalise too? Same height as Tapia and a better candidate.

    Did she mention it before? I haven't seen any rumors about Santiago

  • Imagine if Airi, Valdes and that 195cm Dominican girl all came together

    Valdes can but tapia move with a fominican program that can allow her to gain experience and then return

  • Last year, the team lost in the semifinals of the Spring High School Volleyball Tournament. Alondra said, "I want to become the best in Japan. I want to practice hard for that." She will be the core of the team, both for offense and defense, and will bring victory to the national stage as well.

    It's from this article


    I'm not sure if it's referring to the Haruko tournament only which counts under Zen Nihon or wanting to play for Japan's NT. She may take the same route as Valdes and Fu Xintian? from Okayama.

  • Tapia can play in Japan, but basically DR fed is going to say, Japan you promised us she’s playing for DR….

    I think there will be a re-negotiation, or refinement when she is done with high school. That article you posted a while back says this:

    Tapia Cruz is committed to playing with the National Volleyball Team in the NORCECA U-18 Championship and the U-18 Pan American Cup of 2020, as well as the FIVB U-18 World Championship of 2021. Also the NORCECA U-20 Continental Championship in 2021 and the U20 Pan American Cup in 2022.

    The student-player contract obliges the student to play volleyball representing Furukawa-Gakuen High School during the years in which tournaments are held each year in the month of December. Likewise, Tapia Cruz agrees to play with a Japanese League contracting team during the 2023, 2024 and 2025 seasons under conditions to be discussed with their home federation.

  • Did she mention it before? I haven't seen any rumors about Santiago

    I think it was mentioned by someone in this thread or the league thread where Santiago said she was considering it, but her heart is more set on playing for the Philippines

  • The men’s team advanced to the quarterfinals and that was a great achievement because they weren’t able to do for almost three decades. Maybe the players were a bit disappointed by the result (especially Ishikawa, the captain) but I doubt the public took it very negatively. Also, the men’s team has a well-established core team and they just need some small adjustments here and there (and most importantly they didn’t have to change setter every season). Personally, I think Ryujin Nippon’s future looks brighter but who knows what’s going to happen :)

    Lowkey seems like there's a little bit of a "double standard", considering the men's team is more hyped than the women's due to Haikyuu and Nishida-Ishikawa-Takahashi's popularity but I digress and am nitpicking

    Manabe's ego for the most part. Saori became a superstar under his tenure, he was the one who assembled Japan's "miracles" and put them on the map. And as he puts it "blessing and support" for the new generation to encourage them to have an iron mentality just as Takeshita did. Nakada did the same thing when she basically crammed the NT with her Hisamitsu pride so for Manabe it's his London pride.

    Guess he and Nakada are both more similar than others think :whistle:

    Rule No. 1 for coaches taking over a team that's in "shambles" from a newbie: Please focus on building the team and the game, not harping on and on about past glories :aww:

    The expectation’s of the women’s team was just ridiculous for the Tokyo games (due to the Witches winning in 1964 at home, we’ll do it again against Egonu, Boskovic, Larson, Akinradewo and KYK….). The VNL while good performance only added to the expectations, if people did not realize that the best countries did not send their best teams to playing in it (minus USA, Brazil, Japan and Turkey) to the Japanese press.

    At this point, I have no idea when Kurogo will play again.

    At best right now Japan is around 7-9 in best teams in the world. Can upset a team ahead of them, but blocking is always a struggle.

    It really makes one wonder how large is the gap between expectations and reality. Sure, good to be optimistic, but the substance is important. I guess that's what happens when the press tries to butter up the population to think that they're so much better than they actually are....

    Maybe she'll come back for the next season? Since Toray even made sure to put her name into the roster list for Kurowashiki + keep her as captain, there's a good chance she will come back instead of just... retiring...?

    What do you guys think are the weaknesses of the Japanese team? Let's pretend we're the coaching team for a moment just for kicks:drink::cheesy:

  • sciew kurogo was not included in the list for black eagle flag. toray only assured fans that she is still with the team after rumors circulated that they cut ties with her.

    If she doesn't come back by next season things are going to look very bleak for her. But she always has the option of playing overseas.

  • An article from regional press released news stating that Hammy is a candidate for Paris. Japan's regional press tend to be more accurate than some of the major national publications.


    Hamamatsu is very aggressive on the net and has a nice threatening grr face. We'll just have to see if she'll be able to retain those qualities when facing bigger opponents.

  • An article from regional press released news stating that Hammy is a candidate for Paris. Japan's regional press tend to be more accurate than some of the major national publications.


    I think that's great, but ... she "has been selected for the Japan national volleyball team for the 2024 Paris Olympics" ... is a stretch

  • So can we assume that all 23 selected players are candidates?

    Probably. Before Miya Sato got injured around late 2019 was it or early 2020 regional press also hyped her up as a candidate for Tokyo.

    I don't think Manabe will make further changes when they don't really have a lot of time til Paris.

    I also don't see Manabe getting Valdes since Miyabe is already there. Unless god forbid one of the core wings gets injured.

  • speaking of valdes, is anyone else worried that she may never get called to the nt because she's not japanese? even if she naturalizes what are her chances? girls like tokoku, miyabe and hawi are half japanese so they should be fine. a country like japan is very heavy on japanese pride. they may be the only volleycentric country that doesn't care about foreign players. there wasn't even any excitement when kyk or krob played there.