Japan Women's NT 2022

  • so random but cute :rose:

    the marriage or the announcement :rolll:


    Deepl version

  • Quite surprised with this news. Up until this point, I have no idea they were a couple and then the next thing I read is boom! They're married! Congrats to them! :rose:

  • why they didn't share any pics from the wedding?

  • the sarina :rolll: no wonder girly wants to retire, she got plans ahead :drink:

    She’s too young to retire :|

    I think she is playing the best volleyball in her life atm...just look at her performance at the 2022 VNL, she was outstanding there.

    There are players like Korea’s Yang Hyo-jin who got married but are still playing happily at club level... unless she (Sarina) is planning to start a family soon, then that’s completely understandable, too.

    It’s 2023 already for some of us, and soon it’ll be for everyone.

    I hope everyone here have a great year ahead ^^


  • I think it will depend on the result in Paris but either way she may retire by that time due to some sort of couple law among active athletes in Japan. I think only one of them can remain active. I know both Erika and Saori's husbands who were former athletes retired before them. Erika said in an interview before Tokyo that active couples are being limited by JOC that's why her campaign only focuses on her as a mother.

  • Well aren't Japanese players known for early retirements? Even Saori also retired early when she was 27 I think. I think Araki was the only exception.

  • Saori had gone through 12 years with the national team, not to mention as a youth player.

    She had given her time and it changed the national team's history. She took them to heights that they had not seen in long time. She played overseas, got Olympic bronze and World Champs bronze. I have no problem with her retiring when she did.

  • Maiko Kano is rumored to be dating national treasure Shohei Ohtani aka Shotime

    Yuki Ishikawa was rumored to be dating actress and model Ayami Nakajo in 2019. They were already rumored after Nakajo appeared in a tv show with Saori Kimura years ago and she said something about Yuki being handsome and kind.

    Nagaoka is or was dating some soccer/football player someone posted it on here before

  • Yanagida never revealed his wife right? or do fans know about her identity? there's another male player who dated a japanese celebrity during his peak but divorced then married a commoner last year

    Last year alone we had


    Nana Iwasaka


    then Koga

    who all got married