USA Women's NT 2022

  • Phil who was her coach in poland? she was uh.... not a fan lol

    Teun Buijs from Netherlands. Nobody liked him, even dutch players like Pietersen and Grotheus said bad things about him

  • Oooh I want to read this tea, do you know where I can find this?:read:

    That was many years ago, probably somewhere in local newspaper. I need to find it. Anyway, the team (ATOM Trefl Sopot) wasn't happy with Buijs coaching and eventually he was fired in the middle of play-offs.

    Regarding HIll, Buijs almost always put her on the bench and let play Brizitka Molnar :D In press conferences, he was saying that Hill was not good enough, and few months later she became MVP of WCH :D

    VolleyOrange Edit: I got one interview with Maret…efl-Sopot-S-A-n95510.html

    That part:

    Journalist: Judith Pietersen, however, did not have a good time at PGE Atom Trefl

    Maret: Her memories from the club are very well. Of course, in terms of volleyball and purely games she expected more, but it wasn't club's fault but more the coach. As for the organization of the team, she had no objections.

    At that time, the coach was a Dutchman, Teun Buijs, who was still talking about the 'system'. Do you also prefer this approach to volleyball?

    As far as I know, he did not finish the season with PGE Atom Trefl, so it all did not work out in these conditions. Indeed, he is a coach who sticks to his system. I trained with him as a junior and had the opportunity to learn about it. And all I remembered of him was this system. I like this style, but I know that outside of his system, there are a lot of interesting things about volleyball that are worth to be used. Besides that, it's nice when you can talk to the coach not only about volleyball.

    Note from myself:
    For me, as a fan of ATOM Trefl, that was really hard season to watch. The team was just a mess.

    Buijs didn't react to what was happening on the court and was just constantly making the notes. He could lost a set not even taking one time-out! Also, he was really calm, didn't try to motivate the team. He wasn't much of a talker. Now, I remember that he also designated one of the assistant coaches to discuss with setters during the time-outs so he could make more notes :D

    Many of press conferences of this team were available online and Teun always blamed the players of bad results, e.g. Kim Hill. Also, during one press conferences, he said they lost because of Yulia Shelukhina who got injured...

    And answer for every questions was related to 'system'. "That's our system". "We need to work on game system". "The girls didn't understand my system" etc :D

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