Russia NT 2022

  • Imho, we'll see Kadochkina as the 4th OH. She's playing OH this season and so far she's doing good. Of course, the new coach should also test her as Opp, since Goncharova and Lazareva aren't that reliable.

    About setters, I think the coach will call Romanova instead of Vetrova, and I don't think Kobzar is ready for this level yet. Mishagina from Krasnodar is doing a good job this season and is young... she might be called :read:

  • Kobzar is playing for a small team Smena and their games never got broadcasted.

    Volleyru uploads their games on their Youtube channel.

  • I like this lineup very much, but I would lessen the open hitter pool and add another libero, maybe someone from the U21 and U18 team? That's pretty much how the Men's NT discovered Fedorov. Open hitter pool is stacked enough with four players (imo Fedorovtseva, Voronkova, Parubets and Smirnova are enough), you could even put Kadochkina in the and it would still be good. I think Koroleva and Fetisova are not going anywhere and still might play in the future, but it's nice to have players like Suvorova and Brovkina who have loads of potential, they might even add Sergeeva if she got a bit faster.

  • I would prefer younger setters: Dmitrieva, Markova, Kobzar

    So far I am not convinced that Akimova will be a NT player but she is better than Malygina... I would say: Lazareva, Pipunyrova, Chernova

    I would be really happy if Pushina and Fitisova would make the NT!

    Kapustina starting to get in last seasons form and might be an option for OH too

    I think I would prefer O. Frolova to Zaitseva and Pilipenko

  • I completely agree with Husky123 on this and my opinion will be more or less the same. I also think that Kobzar is not ready for this level yet. I also agree on this, Lazareva is not yet a reliable player, at least it is like this for me. That's why I think Akimova should be tested in VNL. Of course, I know that everyone has a different opinion and I respect it. But I don't think the comparison of Akimova and Malygina is fair enough. Akimova is a 19 years old girl and she has a long way to improve her skills. It is my opinion, Akimova is doing a good job this season even though both setters of Dinamo Metar are inconsistent.

    I think Husky123 is right, we can see Kadochkina in the national team if the rumors about Terzič being the new coach of the Russian national team are true. It is because Terzič praised Kadochkina and Lazarenko in his interview before the game against Kazan ( in that interview, Terzič talked about other Russian players too and it seemed to me like he was analyzing Russian players individually). I have to agree on this too, after Veteova's arrival, Kazan started to play better but Vetrova is an old player and I'm not sure if she will accept to play in the national team again.

    I think players like Goncharova, Voronkova, Malova, Koroleva need rest before World championship. Frankly, I want to see young players in VNL but at least I want one or two players with good reception to play in VNL because when the team is all about young players and the reception is weak, ofc this team can fail easily and then it would be pointless to participate in this tournament. Even if young players will play on VNL, I still want to see competitive team.

  • since we love polarizing figures.....

    would you prefer Terzic or Busato?

    Terzic, of course. First of all, Terzic doesn't make stupid wide lists and silly rotations (like Lazareva or Smirnova receiving instead of Malova in the OG). I mean, I don't think Terzic will call Malygina, Matveeva, Gorbunova, and other inexperienced players this year. Furthermore, Terzic does know how to train a middle blocker (which is the thing Russia lacks the most nowadays)... Just look at Serbia in these years. They had Rasic, Stevanovic, Veljkovic, Popovic, Aleksic, Kocic. All of them in a high/decent level. Meanwhile, Russia just had Koroleva and Fetisova and they are inconsistent. I hope that Terzic trains new MBs: Brovkina, Lazarenko, Pushina (best blocker in the Russian League so far), Suvorova, Kochurina, etc.

    BTW, Busato wasn't that bad at planning games and in the team chemistry, but Russia needs a better trainer.

  • Arina played in the Fenerbache game in the Turkish league, I think she won't play in the CEV though, which is kinda sad. I wonder how Voronkova's Ezca deal will go.

    No, Russian players who play abroad can play CEV competitions.

    Also I don't think Voronkova transfer will be effected. Unless Russian federation doesn't give permission.

  • No, Russian players who play abroad can play CEV competitions.

    Also I don't think Voronkova transfer will be effected. Unless Russian federation doesn't give permission.

    Oh wait really? I thought CEV said that players from Russia and Belarus are not allowed to play. Must have misread that. I hope Voronkova's transfer will not be affected.

  • Terzic deal with russia is broken

    He seems to be without NT


  • Terzic deal with russia is broken

    He seems to be without NT


    Maybe he should go to Bulgaria. It is a team that is underachieved due to lack of a good coach.

  • Goncharova, for someone who had a great career like hers, ended in the not most unfavorable way possible (forces outside her control). Sigh