2021 Dream Team (VOTE)

  • Sorry but japan is not mesure for a player

    look joycinha,neriman and others that were great in japan

    none of them took their teams to titles in Japan. Akinradewo had a ton of help (Shinnabe, Iwasaka, Ishii) with Hisamitsu winning earlier and did not have to carry the team. Drews carries the team as the offensive load. She still delivers.

    She came in and has won two titles and was the MVP of the league last season. Boskovic had her best (lead the team in scoring) and worst game (used her spiking strength and dug her and stopped her numerous times) against the USA.

    Not to mention the 2019 VNL MVP. The woman performs whenever, wherever, whoever the competition is.

    is she the best opposite in the world, probably not, but would you bet against her? My mind is no.

  • Maja - Naz

    Boskovic - Egonu

    KYK - Fedorovtseva - Gabi - Larson

    Thaisa - Gattaz - Eda - Zehra

    De Gennaro - JWO

  • The more I look at the options the more I feel the need for more spots, for many different reasons :lol:

    Here is my veeeery wide list (maybe I'll cut it later)

    S: Cansu, Maja, Jordyn

    Opp: Tica, Paola, Ebrar, Isabelle

    OH: Gabi, Fe Garay, Jordan, Arina, Irina, KYK

    MB: Zehra, Eda, Haleigh, Carol Gattaz, Carol/Thaisa

    L: De Gennaro, JWO, Malova

  • My dream team of both club and NT combined in 2021 will look like:

    S: Poulter & Macris

    OPP: Egonu & Boskovic

    OH: Gabi, Voronkova, C. Bosetti & Larson

    MB: de Kruijf, Carol Gattaz, Washington & Eda Erdem

    L: Wong-Orantes & Camila Brait

  • just so no one forgets,


    Praia Clube should try to hire her

  • You could have at least put them on rotation, I stared at Kim for way too long wondering why she was the opposite ;(

  • Random Stats

    JWO had the highest % of votes, with 66.4%.

    OHs were the closest... Gabi/Arina both finished with the same percent... KYK was two votes ahead.

    Haak was closer to Egonu than Egonu was to Boskovic.

    Honorable Mentions (aka third places)

    S: Cansu

    Opp: Haak

    OHs: MBH, Zhu

    MBs: Foluke, Thaisa

    L: Brenda

  • no many people put moki but she was the best in italian league,cl,eurovolley and wch

  • no many people put moki but she was the best in italian league,cl,eurovolley and wch

    I'm surprised that so few people voted for Karch Kiraly:sos:

  • Volleybox voting is over and this is the results (interesting and funny):


    (total votes 221)

    S: Ognjenovic (69), Ozbay (68)

    OPP: Haak (64), Bošković (56)

    OH: Gabi (107), Arina (88), Tugba (48), Parubets (45)

    MB : Gunes (117), Danesi (52), Eda (47), Chirichella (45)

    L: Simge (53), Buse Kayacan (41)

    Best coach: Guidetti (87)

    Random Stats, "biggest impressions" :

    - Poulter just 8 votes (6th place)

    - Egonu with 29 votes not even close to Haak/Bošković

    - Tugba in front of KYK, Larson and all list along

    - Zehra with the highest votes in general, total domination

    - 4 Turkish liberos in front of JWO, Brait, Castillo

    Great efforts from Turkish fans :obey:. Also it seems that Volleybox is a bit Eurocentric, 0 dream team members from Olympic champion, while on this forum we have 5. The reality, at least for me, it's somewhere between, but anyway it is always kind a funny to see this choices.

  • Buse Kayacan and Tuğba? Lol

  • I like Parubets. But wasn't she injured for the most part of 2021? :lol:

  • Sigme and Buse over De Gennaro. I can’t with this idiotic poll :rolll::rolll:

  • On which parameters Egonu doesn’t play good this season ?! :what: