Netherlands NT 2022

  • I agree on most things with VolleyOrange about Dutch NT after this disappointing WCH in homecountry, but I think different on some things:


    I'm a fan of Bongaerts, but I' really disappointed in her performance this summer:( Back in 2018 - 2019 when she played in Schwerin, she was known for her fast game. That's completely gone. I blame Selinger for that, because he wants to play that way. Bongaerts is at her best when she is in system, so she can play faster and involve her middles. Bad reception didn't help her during WCH. I hope playing in Germany again will bring her confidence back, but I'm afraid she will be forced to play high balls again with Lee - Segura as outside hitters and with Rivers as opposite...

    First of all I think Dijkema deserves a big compliment, because she is a real professional! Not many players with her "status" would have accepted this role:thumbup: She deserved more chances during the tournament, because her experience would have helped to calm down the team. Although I don't think it would have made a big difference, because she mostly sets to position 4, so it still would have been easy to read for the opponents block and defense. Also her sets weren’t in the right tempo many times when she came on court (due to the lack of playing time she got with the team this summer).


    Van Aalen already deserved more chances this year, but she should get a chance to really play next summer! Hopefully also a final tournament (ECH 23), so she can take that experience with her.

    If Dijkema decides to continue, she herself, Bongaerts and van Aalen should fight for 2 spots in the squad.


    I wouldn't be disappointed if Plak would quit playing for NT. We can say connection with setters is bad, but I think she herself completely lost her rhythm in attack after her sabbatical. Only her defense improved in Japan...

    Dambrink had some good performances, but she lacks the height and power against world class teams. I really hope she finds a team in a foreign league (please Schwerin:D), so she can play matches at a higher level and develop as a player.


    Dambrink should be the main opposite the upcomming years, but I have my doubts about her development. Jolijn de Haan is doing a good job in Dutch League, I would like to see what she is capable of on international level. Vera Mulder will play for Erfurt in German League, maybe she can surprise us? Otherwise there aren't many options on the opposite position, so playing with a receiving opposite would be a good alternative IMO:/

    Outside hitters

    Big shame Daalderop was injured the whole preparation, otherwise she could have done so much more like she did last summer! At the end of the tournament she showed she is our best player and was the most stable factor. Unlike Daalderop, Buijs played good at the beginning of the tournament. In the end it was the same old story, not delivering at the important moments... Still I think her experience and leadership was important for the team:) Marrit Jasper should have gotten much more chances to stabilize reception! Every time she had to come on court, she delivered, so why not give her more chances?!? Both Savelkoel and Knollema didn't saw the court a lot. I think one of them could have been used as opposite, when both Plak and Dambrink didn't deliver.


    They should build outside hitter position around Daalderop. I think Daalderop can play at her best next to a good receiving outside hitter, so Marrit Jasper should be a logical option. I think Hester Jasper also deserves a chance, because IMO she has more potential than her sister. Although I don't think both of them will be able to perform at the same level as Grothues did for years. I hope Savelkoel will develop in a more complete player, playing for Potsdam next year! As for Knollema, I think it isn't a wise decision to stay in Firenze next season. She will not have a lot of playing time behind Herbots and van Gestel:roll: I think Buijs should take a break next summer, at least she shouldn't play VNL. She deserves a break!

    Middle blockers

    I’m quite disappointed in Timmerman her performance. Last summer she was our best middle blocker and she performed really well in Stuttgart. This summer Lohuis clearly outplayed her. Especially in block Timmerman was too slow. In attack she didn't have many chances, because of the bad reception. It’s a pitty she didn’t transfer to a better league to develop furter.

    Lohuis suprised me this summer. Her attack seemed more powerfull and her service was steady as always! Still not good enough for international level... Hope playing in Italian league will help her to continue her growth!

    Polder did a good job against Japan. Her attack is good, but her block needs improvement.


    Middle blocker position is locked for upcoming years: 3 players mentioned above + Baijens. Baijens always performing well in club season, but yet to have a real chance in NT. Hope she will have more chances next season! I hope Marije ten Brinke will have some playing time during VNL next season, because IMO she is a big talent:super:


    Schoot definitely played better than she did during VNL, but with her experience she should have brought more. Her reception was stable, but her defense was pretty bad... She was one of the reasons they lost most important match against Belgium. At those moments they needed Knip to chance things around!


    Future on the libero position is uncertain for me. Will both Schoot and Knip continue or retire from NT? I'm not a big fan of Reesink to be honest. I don't believe she has the presence and qualities to become the leader of the back-court… I like Emma Rekar of Sliedrecht way more! I’m curious to see how Brokking will perform in German league! She has to most potential at the libero position and should have a chance next VNL!


    I completely agree on Selinger, he should get fired:hit:He should just train the younger generation to develop.


    I wouldn’t be suprised if Dutch federation doesn’t fire Selinger… If they hire a new coach, they probably hire a coach from the Netherlands:S I don't see any suitable coach from the Netherlands, so I would like to see a foreign coach. Maybe someone like Koslowski, Waibl or Bregoli.

  • I think we're on the same page about almost everything indeed!

    After reading/watching some more interviews I have a little more hope that there will be a new head coach. Selinger was originally attracted to develop the young players, which is what he is good at, and not necessarily for bringing the team to the Olympic (level). His contract expired now after the world champs so it would be a perfect moment for Nevobo also, since they don't have to "fire" him, just not extending the contract. Next to that he has zero ambition to travel the world over and over again (he told in an interview) and is close to retirement age as well. I think there is a possibility that even if the federation wants to continue with him, he doesn't want it himself.

    If Nevobo is smart (which is a big IF) they let him go and attract someone new. The dumbest next move would be to hire another Dutch coach, but again I agree that is pretty likely knowing the federation :wacko: We simply don't have anyone on the level needed. I would like to see someone like the names you mentioned, or maybe a top coach like Guidetti again (one can dream right?🤣)

  • Anne Buijs was a guest at national radio tonight, this link includes both an article, and two videos with the interview

    Maybe I find some time later to write down the highlights :)

    She told btw that both she and Carol were in a relationship when they met, does anyone know if Carols gf was another volleyball player?

  • Avital Selinger resigned from the position of coach of the national team

    VolleyOrange Is it true?

  • Yap, true😊

    You're so fast 😁


    Honestly, I was surprised when I saw it, but it was to be expected when looking at the results of the Netherlands

  • Who should be the candidates to take over?

    I don't care as long as he/she is not from the Netherlands

    No seriously, we don't have the quality and experience domestically for this role. The only one with international experience that matters (club/NT) is Selinger. We have seen with Guidetti and more or less Morrison what can be achieved with a foreign coach. We have seen it with Piazza in the men's NT as well. If we want to have a real chance on reaching Paris, we need someone from abroad.

    I would like to see a big name like Guidetti was at the time, but most of them or contracted I think. Maybe Bregoli (Chieri's choach)? I think he was contacted last time already

  • Hmmm:/

    This could be the best thing happening for Dutch volleyball, but I don't believe he will return... Than why did he leave the team in the first place? The current Dutch team is nowhere near to the level they were when Guidetti was the coach:(

  • This could be the best thing happening for Dutch volleyball, but I don't believe he will return... Than why did he leave the team in the first place? The current Dutch team is nowhere near to the level they were when Guidetti was the coach:(

    The Netherlands has a solid foundation to build a really good team,Van Aalen,Daledroop,Savelkoel,Knollema,Brokking,Ter Brinke

    But after he escaped, I wonder if they'd want him back:/

  • But after he escaped, I wonder if they'd want him back:/

    New generation barely know him, so they will have no hatred against him. In the Netherlands he is pretty popular and media talks really positive about him!

  • This could be the best thing happening for Dutch volleyball, but I don't believe he will return... Than why did he leave the team in the first place? The current Dutch team is nowhere near to the level they were when Guidetti was the coach:(

    I also don't think it is very realistic. His salary demand is probably too high as well, especially now that the team doesn't have an A-status anymore. I agree with your last comment, but on the other hand, the group he started coaching in 2015 wasn't world class either. For a big part it was thanks to him that we could fight for medals. In my opinion the current group has the potential to follow the same path as back then. But probably all of this is wishful thinking anyway lol. Next to that, I don't think the Dutch federation can/will trust him after the abrupt leave in 2016. Anyway we need someone similar to him with status