74th All-Japan High School Championship 2022 (Jan 5–9)

  • Major Bummer Alert :!:

    Higashi plays Kyoei Gakuen today in Round 2. That means one of them goes home. I hate to say it but I'm going to be way totally rooting for Kyoei Gakuen. Coach Lovebunny whatever

  • Today's matchups:

    Round 2 2022.01.06 starts at 9:30 jst


    Hosoda Gakuen

    Hitachi Daini

    Okazaki Gakuen

    Yonezawa Chuo

    Kanazawa Commercial

    Shinai Girls


    Hachioji Jissen


    Osaka Takii


    Kawasaki Tachibana


    Matsuyama Shinonome


    Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku

    Kyoei Gakuen


    Yonago Hokuto

    Teikyo Daisan

    Furukawa Gakuen

    Omi Brotherhood

    Shintoku Girls


    Shimokitazawa Seitoku


    Seiwa Girls

    Gifu Sogo

    Nara Bunka

    Yame Gakuin

    Akita Kita

    And of course all the must see matches are on at the same time, and one of either Yonezawa Chuo or Kanazawa Commercial will advance to the 3rd Round while one of Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku or Kyoei Gakuen will go home. It's not fair :cursing:

  • Please sname the must watch-matches to make it easier to decide watching the video after the live streams :P

    I know :rolll: Twenty matches in eight hours ||

    It depends on what you want to watch them for. Personally I like discovering new players, so that's what I tend to enjoy. If you skim the first page of this thread, any match that I commented on means I enjoyed it and think there are players worth noticing, or a game style that's kinda cool. So ...

    • Shiojiri v Takasaki
    • Higashi v Fujimi -- Fujimi, is engaging in some serious middle blocker offense. Higashi OH #5 Koyuki Oritate
    • Furukawa v Hikami
    • Kochi v Kyoei Gakuen OH #4 Arina Tsutsumi , who was part of my favorite HS squad ever as a freshman, is super punchy, and a back attacking mofo. She must also be going to college or she would have been drafted. And they have a 2nd year MB who's a HULK SMASHING machine. I'll have to figure out what her name is
    • Shintoku Girls Overall punchiest team of the night. Don't know any of them v Sapporo Otani
    • Nara Bunka team is fun. Their setter is throwing Sietoku style to the left and then super fast and low reverse sets right into the pocket for her OP. And the OP is putting them away

  • Please sname the must watch-matches to make it easier to decide watching the video after the live streams :P

    As far as the Round 2 Matches. Higashi v Kyoei Gaukuen will be the match of the night and a very sad ending for one of them

    The seeded teams are entering now, so watch for them. One of these will probably win it:

    Shujitsu v Hosoda Gakuen -- Shujitsu are reigning champs and a well oiled machine

    Hachioji Jissen

    Osaka /int. Takaii

    Shimokitazawa Seitoku


  • Fukasawa Twins are on the air in 10 minutes


  • Seems like a lot more headband teams this year

    I love that these kids are so committed that even if the ball gets past them and is already out of the court and in the stands they still dive for it, after the fact, like they can will it back into play :lol:

  • I think I like this #2 Outside Hitter :cheesy:

    yes :!: Norimi Soga (no relation to YOLO). She doesn't get enough love. I believe she won the championship match last year. She's really short and sneaks up invisibly while everybody has their eyes on the Twins

  • volleyb ... the Champ match was just like this first set tonight, it's not a problem if the rotation has Megumi in the back row, Norimi just steps up and finishes it off. She's a whippersnapper :rose:

  • I think as we move on here we'll get to see more consoling speeches by the losing coach. And more tears ;(

    Awesome :thumbup:

  • :( Shiojiri is going home

  • Come on Kyoei :super: Send these Higashi twirlybirds home

  • Kyoei did this last year when Manami Koyama was their "ace". This year it's Arina Tsutsumi EVERYTHING goes to her. It's terrible volleyball, especially when your defense isn't that good. When she goes to serve they set her for back row attacks. She's good but she ain't Celeste Plak

    Still rooting for them tho :)

  • Finally , Kyoei's setter remembered she has two very capable middle blockers. They go 4/5 and move ahead. At least we get a tie breaker.

  • This is killing me. Shit for defense and hero ball. I hate that but I still want Kyoei to win. And they might ... 19–13 atm but it's not comfortable at all

    The middle blockers are killing it but the setter has given them less than 10 swings all match. I think they scored on all but one of them :aww:

  • OMG

    The only positive thing I can say about this Kyoei Gaukuen Arina Tsutsumi win is at least she , like Manami Koyama before her , scores from all over the court ... so it's a little less boring

    Poor Higashi ;(

  • Oh Seitoku :) Your high setting the middle blocker is priceless :dance6:

    This Jonan team that's playing Seitoku is the closest I've seen to anything remotely resembling ... not a loser face but ... Let's call it "less than optimistic" face