74th All-Japan High School Championship 2022 (Jan 5–9)

  • I forgot that the Shujitsu match is early :aww:

    Oh man, did you watch the Mie/Hachioji match? Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

  • I'm feeling a little disruption in service that's making me nervous. Anybody else getting the second set of matches to come on?

    [Edit] I think it's vpn weakness :mad:

  • I have to admit Mika Yoshitaka is having a pretty good game. She's beefed up a bit and doesn't look as peculiar any more. Kinrankai freshman, Anna Uemura, is also pretty smashing

    The first set went into overtime but the way Miyakonojo lost it (blocked, blocked) seems to have disrupted them. New NoSmiler Rika Kai is doing okay but it's not good enough

  • Osaka / Kyoei = tie break ... didn't see that coming after the first set

    Remarkable thing about these HS players is almost all of them can field a ball from gosh knows where on (or off) the court and execute a controlled and confident pass that goes where they want it to ... not just to some general area. It's lovely :rose:

  • Seitoku plays better defense than I give them credit for :thumbup:

  • If Arina Tsutsumi wasn't a seemingly humble and good natured kid I'd be very displeased with her and upset that Kyoei has sent Osaka packing. Osaka clobbered them in the first set 21–15 and played okay in 2 and 3 but it wasn't good enough

    You can tell Kyoei's setter used to be an OP, played OP in last year's Championship. She likes to kill the ball. Doesn't do dumps but swings at everything she can.

    so we know QF:

    Shujitsu v Okazaki

    Mie v Kinrankai (come on Mieko be my Cinderella)

    Seitoku v

    Kyoei v

  • Nara Bunka off to a bad start. Balls landing in front of the three point line left and right. That's bad :(

  • Looks like Kyoei get Furukawa in the QF. Serves them right. And it's good because it would be tragic if Seitoku and Furukawa faced off in the QF. That's what the Final should be --unless Mieko has something to say about it :)

  • Nara's setter has found the pocket. If their defense doesn't take another vacation they might turn this around

  • Yame 28–26 Nara. That was killing me. Nara lost one of their MBs midway through the set which shouldn't have been a big a deal but they lost a 3 point lead after that. Oh well, their OP #1 is still one of the MVPs of this tournament for me. Talk about an up-with-people attitude, she celebrates losing points because she doesn't know anything but smiling and running around full of joy , and I could watch her play billiards all night

    Congratulations Yame :drink: Quarterfinals your first year of qualifying

  • Round 3 Results 2022.01.07



    Shinai Girls



    Hachioji Jissen

    Okazaki Gakuen


    Yonezawa Chuo




    Shimokitazawa Seitoku


    Shintoku Girls

    Kyoei Gakuen


    Osaka International Takii

    Yame Gakuin


    Nara Bunka

    Furukawa Gakuen



    Quarterfinal matchups:

    Shujitsu v Okazaki Gakuen
    Mie v Kinrankai
    Furukawa Gakuen v Kyoei Gakuen
    Shimokitazawa Seitoku v Yame Gakuin

  • I don't know what Kinrankai are doing. Mieko are serving the ball to them very politely and Kinrankai are acting like bullies :(

    I don't like Mika Yoshitake again

  • When my team loses in overtime it hurts more ;( Thanks for the memories Mieko <3

    Meanwhile Shujitsu and Okazaki are in a tie break. Okazaki really turned it on in set 2. Clobbered the reigning champs

    Now that my Nara and Mie girls are eliminated I feel like I can't enjoy volleyball any more :(

  • Shujitsu better watch out. Okazaki's defense is on fire 23–23

    Damn, another overtime. I'm not doing well in overtimes tonight :white:

  • High School kids are lollypoppin' it now too :white:

  • I'm liking this giant middle blocker on Furukawa :thumbup: reminds me of 4T a bit

    bye bye Kyoei :wavy:

  • Another Set 2 over time -- Kyoei and Furukawa ... and ... Kyoei Arina Tsutsumi takes it

    I gotta say this about Arina Tsutsumi. As ugly as it is , if you are 170cm and take 90% of your team's swings, no matter where you are on court, and the other team knows you are going to hit every fucking ball ... and you keep scoring, and winning -- you must have some mad chops

  • I wish I could cheer on the Yame girls but I can't get behind green uniforms, especially baggy ones with sleeves :thumbdown:

  • baggy ones with sleeves are the best!