Transfer Rumors & Discussion (2022/2023)

  • Actually using Blz às starting Opp isnt that bad when you have Arina as OH. And Vargas coming later as local Opp

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    Actually using Blz às starting Opp isnt that bad when you have Arina as OH. And Vargas coming later as local Opp

    This is not my point. The important for Fenerbahce is to find an OUTSIDE SPIKER. Meliha is like a second libero after the Covid and they can't win Vakifbank and Eczacibasi with Boz and Carol and Ismailoglou. Yes Arina is good but she can not win the matches alone

    The normal thing for fener is to find a second outside and to go with arina ,the second outside and lazareva or with macris arina and the second outside ( or lazareva). To go with Boz Meliha Arina and Carol will be a disaster because there attack will be very weak. Now they have Asli and they dont need middle blockers. They need an outside. This is very clear to my.

  • Do you know more details? Did she decide to break the contract?

    Olympiacos had signed a pre-contract with the American Kathy Bell, but did not activate it because she will also play in the Puerto Rico league in August. Then Bell began to mess around and break terms of the pre-agreement regarding the dates of her arrival in Greece, and had unreasonable demands for her plane tickets.…in-olympiako-anti-tis-aek

  • Oh God please make Carol thing happen. Ana C could be better off with a loan there. Yes fener needs an all around OH to complement Arina but if the rivalling opps are Boskovic and Egounu you can't rely on Ergül, Asli or Beliz. especially with Egounu who wouldn't have any trouble spiking above Eda and Aslı. We needed parubets or kelsey too in exchange for letting lazareva go until Vargas rejoins but it is what it is

  • Carol in FB would be unnecessary. She is too good to be on the bench. Aslı&Eda Duo is already strong, both of them can attack and block very well. First half of season will be a struggle for them again in the absence of Vargas but after she is back they could be medal contender again

  • I was right, KYK will be earning more from returning to compete in Korea

    She'll be filming for a variety show for Netflix Korea <Korea Number One> as the main cast.

    It'll be a great life, she is easily top of the Korean league, without needing to fly every other week for CEV competitions.

    Earning the same or more, with even more recognition and love from her home country growing her own brand.

    Possibly getting more $$$ brand endorsement deals too

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  • Tori Dixon -> Bolu

    Please no, por favor, alsjeblieft, nolur 🙏😞