Transfer Rumors & Discussion (2022/2023)

  • My take on the whole Busa and Lazovic discussion...

    What are the strengths of MBH: reception, defense, out of system attack (very good at using the block-out). If we compare Busa's performance at WCH, it was exactly those elements. If you look at the finals matches of Vakif last season, MBH was the main target on reception, which means that Gabi didn't tire as much covering her as she did this season covering Dalderop and Bajema. Gabi is an athletic player, she needs her approach and jump to be able to be most effective in attack, and if you tire her in reception - make her move in reception covering other players - it makes her less effective. Busa would fit very well since she would be target number one in reception. She would also be a great addition to Fener/Ezaci but they need a good turkish receiving OH, not a foreign one. Some players are best effective if their usage is minimal in attack. Busa is not a dominant OH, and never will be, but her skill could be of use to many high level teams, if not as a starter then as a bench player at least.

    Lazovic... Player with many limitations but not as bad of a player as you all are making her seem. She is actually much like Bajema, has her moments but her deficiencies just don't make up for it in a high level competition. But if we look at Bajema's last season in Rzeszów, she played her role and in a system that suited her play she was playing much better. It doesn't always mean somebody is a bad player, maybe it's just not in the best system or situation where their style of play is getting used correctly (like asking Busa to be a main scorer on a team).

    Side note: I think the reason that this is Hande's best season, considering a mediocre summer she had with NT just months before, is because she plays with a dominant OH in Voronkova that has the experience, steady play and pretty solid in attack. Hande gets maybe the 4th priority of balls in attack on the team - 1Boskovic, 2/3MB + Voronkova (depends on reception), 4 Hande. She usually struggles in NT because she gets targeted on reception and gets more balls to attack - usually on a well formed block because of bad reception, which brings her effectiveness down. As 4th option in attack she usually gets fast balls in transition, or if the reception/defense was perfect with MB jumping with the opponent's MB, as a result, you have her attacking a one-on-one block which she is good enough to use. Her fluctuating play doesn't get noticed as much considering that Voronkova is as steady as she is.

    Which role a player gets put in, compared to their skill, is of the biggest significance... At least to me:win:

  • I love her but I wouldn't call Voronkova dominant over Hande this season lol. Definitely not any more than the previous OHs, they just fit better together.

    Let's not act like Hande hadn't been great with the NT prior to this season and usually while filling a leadership role. I'm not saying Hande is next level, but she is not half as mediocre as everyone makes her up to be either. Buša had her moments too like last WC but much less so consistent and she is older too.

    Also Hande is better in reception which no one seems to take account in OHs here but it's half their role. A better blocker too.

    Buša played in a top club when she was Hande's age and had a pretty terrible season, not even mediocre.

  • user you are disputing points i never mentioned. I never said Voronkova is dominant over Hande. When I said Voronkova is a dominant player, I mean she takes more responsibility in reception and attack at the important moments of the match. I agree, they fit very well together which was the point of my comment previously.

    IMO Hande hasn't been all that good last summer. When the most important matches came she didn't play her best game. She would be good one set, and then disappear the next. Her average might be very good, but in all the important matches that I watched her in this summer, she was mediocre, hence my comment earlier. I don't know why you are comparing Busa and Hande, which I also never did in my comment. I was comparing Busa's performance last WCH, not her previous club seasons. Also, I don't know how you gathered that I don't care about reception from my comment before but okay...

    Hande is a very good player. I was just pointing out that the players and system around her in club and NT are different, and I think that one is fitting her better, which as a result is a better performance from her. Also, last season when she had a lot more responsibility then this season seems to have really helped her improve.

  • I disagree with you on Hande's role in Eczacıbaşı and NT. She indeed is 3rd/4th option in both cases. Turkish NT has better MBs than Eczacıbaşı's MBs. NT relies on scorer Opp and MBs even more than Eczacı does. So I don't think playing with Voronkova could be a reason her good performance, especially considering her best performance in NT was while playing next to Meliha or Şeyma Ercan who are not dominant attackers at all. Hande is improving year by year but she is not at the consistency level to be compared some of the top outsides but I think she is getting there.

    I won't be opposed to having Busa as back up player in Vakıfbank instead of Bajema. I think both Nika and Bajema are very similar style of players (attacking OHs, liability at reception) and Bajema is just a bit worse version of Nika so signing with both was wrong. Especially when the only local player at bench is the same style of weak receiver. So Busa instead of Bajema is fine but only as a backup player. She played in Fenerbahçe and crumbled. Even her reception was bad. Some players only shine small clubs once they have less pressure.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, Busa is a system player. She could be very useful in the right particular system that she has to cover a big area in reception line (comparable to Meliha rather than Hande or maybe Ilkin)

  • serdar I think when it comes to NT Hande's role gets bigger and people expect more from her. If comparing Maja's style of setting and Cansu, who do you think uses MB more? My opinion is Maja. In blocking they may be different, but in terms of attack, I think both sets of MB are pretty close. When Hande attacks more balls on a compromised block on the other side - her attack is more efficient, when she is at the NT she gets set a not so good balls more often with a very well formed block on the other side - she is less effective. I didn't say she doesn't play well with Meliha/Seyma, I think her average of play is really good, but when it comes to the important moments she can get very rattled and lose her focus, and she is the type of player that makes series of mistakes, and having a more dominant player beside her that will be responsible in those moments helps her. She improved a lot in the last few years, she really works on herself and it's paying off. I just don't think she is mentally there yet to be a great player. I think there is a difference when she only has to think about doing a perfect pass, rather than thinking about having a good reception and then attacking the ball because Meliha sure as hell ain't getting the ball in the last moments of the set. But I digress, we will see how she does this year in NT, Santarelli might be a person that can get her in better shape just like he
    did with Busa last year. :flower:
    We agree on most of your points on Busa. I don't remember her being that bad in FB, but I'll take your word for it.

    I haven't watched many Cukurova games, how is their reception? I was hoping Lazovic would go for a mid-level team rather than at the top. It doesn't seem like a bad transfer, but we will see. I hope it works out for her.

  • Aydın were also interested in lazovic. I think Aydın would have been a better choice for her.. She can get more responsibility there. ı guess in Çukurova she will be the third option on attack.

  • Aydın were also interested in lazovic. I think Aydın would have been a better choice for her.. She can get more responsibility there. ı guess in Çukurova she will be the third option on attack.

    Oh yeah that would be a good option for her as well. Especially considering how bad Loda is playing. I hope Aydın will try to get someone else tho