Transfer Rumors & Discussion (2022/2023)

  • If she was stating how soon would we expect to see a renewal ? I really believe she is going to leave. Maybe not if they win a big event. It would be so strange to see her on the Italian courts though ahaha

  • Fb worked so hard to get Vargas naturalized, that's why I can't imagine her leaving for another Turkish club, also not many clubs would agree to have her only second half of season so that she can play in China

  • Portorican pills. There were few trades in the last days.

    The first between Changas de Naranjito and Valencianas de Juncos:

    Aury Cruz in Naranjito

    Legna Hernandez and Paola Rojas in Juncos.

    The second between Changas de Naranjito and Leonas de Ponce:

    Nicole Cruz in Naranjito

    Mariana Thon in Ponce.

    Months ago there was another trade between Criollas de Caguas and Valencianas de Juncos:

    Wilmarie Rivera and Paulina Prieto in Caguas

    Jennifer Nogueras and Karina Ocasio in Juncos.

    LVSF had to undo the trade between the 2 opposites, because Prieto won't be playing this season and Juncos didn't notify Caguas about that. Wherther Karina Ocasio will play for Caguas again is not sure at all, because she did't take well being discharged by the franchise she made successful. The trade between the 2 setters stands.

  • I saw on ortaoyuncucom on IG that Julia Bergman will play for Imoco next season, but propably its only rumor.

  • Bergmann is likely to sign thy since they have Ze, it is done deal. Voleybolunsesi confirms Ze-Thy.

  • So julia will replace robinson or not sure there is a rumor about kp,gray leaving next season. I mean julia, kp,gray? looks like wolosz will be running all around the court. Lol

    Isnt Julia Bergmann a good receiver?

  • She is better than Plummer and Gray for sure and she is a little bit unstable. But she is no good enough to play along with a player like Plummer in the reception

    Plummer keeps receiving 30/40 services for game with decent/good numbers (no one says it on here). It won't be changing if Bergmann joins the team, unless her passing is awful in the pros. Anyway, I heard she's going to Turkey (best offer so far).

  • Thinking better. With Alexia. 3 foreigners OH its a better Deal for Thy. They can complemet each other and in cadê of Ana injury can take Alexia place. A foreigner MB (Diana) and a Foreigner Setter on Bench with some experience.

  • ,Greek MB Tsioga ( one of the biggest prospects in mb position in Greece and starter in Greek NT) left PAOK. She is going to Lamia.

    Well done Fenoglio if you try harder you can lose Terzoglou too :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

    I don't recall Tsioga being good on PAOK... she was just tall(er)

    If not for her height Polynopoulou is a way better MB

    Since the club has foreign MBs she likely left to gain more playing time

    Terzoglou is just a young player too

    There's always gonna be give and take between growing young players and aiming to win championships