Germany NT 2022

  • There was an interesting story from Pia Leweling last night. From this story you can read which players are currently in the course at the Olympic base in Heidelberg. I'm assuming that this is about the U23 course, even if Vital Heynen and not Nicki Neubauer is marked.

    S: -

    OPP: Lena Große Scharmann (1998), Liza Kastrup (1999), Lydia Stemmler (2001)

    OH: Pia Leweling (1998), Luisa Keller (2001), Sina Stöckmann (2002)

    MB: -

    L: Annie Cesar (1997), Elisa Lohmann (1998), Sophie Dreblow (1998)

    The name Annie Cesar in particular surprises me. But I also see the possibility here that it is also a tactical move by Vital Heynen, who wants to find out who he nominates for the senior team as the second Libera behind Anna Pogany as the second Libera. There is a lot to choose from with Annie Cesar, Elisa Lohmann, Linda Bock and Sophie Dreblow.

    Edit: Lydia Stemmler is also linked in a story by Liza Kastrup, which is why I added her.

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    First Imoudu, now Lippmann, who's next? :white:

    So our NT is basically without OPP. Drewniok won't make an impact on international level and there is no real alternative. Vanjak might be pretty good as OPP but she wants to play as OH, maybe Heynen can convince her to change her mind...

    What about Saskia Hippe? Is there perhaps a chance for a comeback in NT now?

  • your BFF is no more Coach but i think she won't play anymore NT

    If you are right Hanna Orthmann would be my choice as opposite.

  • So now at least we get a photo of the players currently practising in Heidelberg, mostly U23/B-NT:


    I don't know/recognise everybody so help is appreciated...(Instagram helped a bit already)

    Top: Luisa Keller, Annie Cesar, Sina Stöckmann, Lydia Stemmler, Monique Strubbe, Camilla Weitzel, Marie Schölzel, Meghan Barthel, Pia Fernau, Liza Kastrup, Lena Große Scharmann, ???.

    Bottom: Pia Leweling, Elisa Lohmann, Corina Glaab, Luisa van Clewe, Vanessa Agbortabi, Sophie Dreblow, Lena Stigrot.

  • Wide roster for VNL:

    S: Pia Kästner, Corina Glaab, Sarah Straube, Pia Fernau, Meghan Barthel

    OPP: Saskia Hippe :what:

    OH: Jennifer Janiska, Ivana Vanjak, Lina Alsmeier, Lena Stigrot, Hanna Orthmann, Vanessa Agbortabi, Pia Leweling, Laura Emonts :what:

    MB: Marie Schölzel, Lea Ambrosius, Camilla Weitzel, Monique Strubbe, Anastasia Cekulaev, Luisa van Clewe

    L: Linda Bock, Anna Pogany, Elisa Lohmann, Sophie Dreblow, Annie Cesar

    Very disturbing roster :white: No Gryka, no Drewniok, Saskia Hippe as the only OPP :| I wonder if her and Laura Emonts will indeed return to NT. Also setter position will be problematic without Imoudu and Gryka :gone: I don't expect this team to be very successful this year unfortunately ?(

  • Maybe even Hänle (although I think she was injured through most of the season) or Stemmler. Now that Lippmann is gone they need to invest in young players. I am even more suprised by the absence of Drewniok :what: I would have expected her as the new main opposite and some of the youngsters behind her.

    Gryka not being there is a crime :white:

    OTOH I am happy for Emonts. Yes, she is not the youngest, but she had an amazing season and deserves the recognition, even just for one VNL

  • it's an interesting interview in which they talked about varios topics including more presence of german players in the Bundesliga, the reason why she left the NT 6 years ago and she thought the book was closed but apparently it had opened a new chapter etc...

    I think we will see Hippe this summer cuz when Laura was asked about it, she laughed and responded: we will see.

    Another element of particular interest they mentioned is Natalie Wilczek in Potsdam. They talked about the fact that Wilczek didn't get practically anytime on court and asked Laura's point of view (and apparently Agbotarbi in some sense as indicated in the tittle). I am very curious about it but my german is quite horrible, so I wasn't able to catch her points plus I was literally struggling to comprehend everything. So sorry about that;(.