Germany NT 2022

  • it's an interesting interview in which they talked about varios topics including more presence of german players in the Bundesliga, the reason why she left the NT 6 years ago and she thought the book was closed but apparently it had opened a new chapter etc...

    I think we will see Hippe this summer cuz when Laura was asked about it, she laughed and responded: we will see.

    Another element of particular interest they mentioned is Natalie Wilczek in Potsdam. They talked about the fact that Wilczek didn't get practically anytime on court and asked Laura's point of view (and apparently Agbotarbi in some sense as indicated in the tittle). I am very curious about it but my german is quite horrible, so I wasn't able to catch her points plus I was literally struggling to comprehend everything. So sorry about that;(.

    What was the reason that she left 6 years ago?