2022/2023 Transfers News, Rumors & Discussion

  • Apparently Conte will join Club Ciudad in Argentina.

    Since the league is a joke these days I guess this means that he wants to fully focus on the NT in the twilight of his career, like his dad back in the day.

  • Yup, volleyball.it has already published the news as well. I wonder if he's planned to be 3rd or 2nd OH.

    with his current state, I believe he could be 3rd option but I do trust him to work hard and show his best. Last two seasons, he wasn’t trusted and I don’t think he got the help he needs to be better by the awful coach Halkbank has. He was also promised the starting role for the previous season, a promise that wasn’t kept, so with right coach and competitive environment, I hope he’ll get to a point where he gets the starting role. I am happy by his choice to be honest and wish him the best.

  • Cisterna coach gave lot of trust this season (Fabio Soli) to Tommaso Rinaldi (2001; got loaned from Modena to play his first season as a starter in pro volleyball), who was below average starting OH and yet was getting chance after chance from the coach (even though Raffaelli was IMHO slightly better overall). On the other hand though, it all depends on what type of OH lineup Cisterna plans to have, but we'll see.

  • - Gino Sirci (Perugia owner) confirmed Kamil Semeniuk in Perugia and Anderson in Beijing;

    - Cormio said that Civitanova is interested in Bottolo and Chinenyeze, so that's basically a confirmation about them both in Civitanova next year

    - Flavio is a done deal in Perugia according to GLP

    - Perugia investigates an option to sack Grbic for performance in the playoffs + fact he signed a contract with Poland NT.

    So the only question mark among top Italian teams is potential rotation on opposite position:

    - Sokolov hasn't yet renewed a contract with Dinamo

    - Nimir exercised a buyout option in his contract on February in order to realize his deal to Zenit Saint Petersburg: the deal seems to be dead as for now, but the buyout option (or the option to have his contract bought out regardless of Modena consent) is still valid;

    - Perugia has Rychlicki on valid contract, but he was so-so in the playoffs;

    - Piacenza has Lagumdzija oon valid contract, but he was very streaky throughout the year

    Obviously, immediately all the options (Sokolov to Piacenza/Perugia and Nimir to Piacenza/Perugia) are discussed in the press and among the fans, but with Nimir/Lagumdzija/Rychlicki all having valid deals for the next season, you may wonder whether it is only a media storm.

  • what is happening with Taylor Sander? I can't even find information where he played this season

    Well :lol: Long story short: he retired from indoor ball, f....d Skra Bełchatów and moved to the beach tour.

    Volleyball.it says that Lanza can be a substitution of Semeniuk in Zaksa, this is wild if true.

    Imagine this level of naivety by Gian Luca Pasini: there's a Polish forum (quite big one, lot of discussions, inside news etc). One guy said (anonymously) that he can make Pasini write whatever we want to, and it will be published. The other guy said: make him write that Szalpuk will join Zaksa. 20 minutes later - on his blog there was an information that Szalpuk will join Zaksa. Considering very limited chances for coincidence - I have no idea who is his Polish source, it wasn't too gentle - but yeah, he publishes anything he's heard.

    The funny part is that Lanza is even worse rumor than Szalpuk himself.

  • And here I was thinking he was as reliable as one can be in this business lol

  • But it's not even a good forum rumor, lol, it was on basis like: ,,there's no way Szalpuk will join Zaksa, he's even out of NT'' -> ,,okay, text Pasini that he'll join Zaksa if you're so influential'' --> https://dal15al25.gazzetta.it/…zalpuk-va-verso-lo-zaksa/

    I want a plot twist with Szalpuk actually playing for Zaksa. :lol:

    We need our own guy now :rolll: