Eurovolley 2023

  • Well even Aranda there at the age of 44😱

    Is Saray Manzano really 173?

  • Can you tell us starting 6, and current best 6 :) I dont know much about spain volleyball

  • why escamilla and montoro didn't play last year? One was in utamy the other i liked her,she was so good

  • Spain list for ECH'23

    Setters: Patricia Aranda, Raquel Lázaro, Ariadna Priante

    Opposites: Raquel Montoro, Julia de Paula, Paola Martínez, Jimena Fernández Gayoso

    Outside hitters: Zoi Mavrommatis, Denia Bravo, María Schlegel, Lucía Prol, Carolina Camino

    Middle Blockers: Lucía Varela, Candela López, Carla Jiménez, Carlota García

    Liberos: Patricia Llabrés, Marga Pizá

  • Wow i remember spamish team in 2021 they were good

    now as oh there's no segura,castellanos i think also escamilla

    I can't remember the name of the other mb

  • Wow Patricia aranda at the age of 44😍 why are Segura and escamilla not in the team? Injured or retired from NT?

  • Polina Rahimova returns to NT for Eurovolley!

    Can't wait to see her playing against Turkiye :box:

  • weel azerbaijan needed her

    They were as korea without her

    They missed most of their good players during previous Eurovolley.

    If I remember correctly, they played ECH 21 with only 12 players, and 3 of them were setters :D

  • I think that now, after the VNL, we can start making serious predictions about the European Championship…

    These are the groups:

    • Pool A: BEL, SLO, SRB, POL, UKR, HUN
    • Pool B: ITA, ROM, BUL, CRO, BIH, SUI
    • Pool C: GER, AZE, TUR, CZE, SWE, GRE
    • Pool D: EST, FIN, NED, FRA, SVK, ESP

    1/8 finals, crossing Pool A-C in Brussels and B-D in Florence, will be:.

    1. A1-C4
    2. C1-A4
    3. A2-C3
    4. C2-A3
    5. B1-D4
    6. D1-B4
    7. B2-D3
    8. D2-B3

    Quarter finals, match 1 and 2 in Brussels and match 3 and 4 in Florence will be:

    1. v1-v4
    2. v2-v3
    3. v5-v8
    4. v6-v7

    Semifinals in Brussels will be:

    1. v1-v4
    2. v2-v3

    Looking at the competition formula of this once again absurd 24-team European Championship, I think we can make these basic considerations:

    1. Pool A is balanced: it will be a battle for first place between SRB and POL… whoever wins the pool will easily go to the semifinals, the second, in the quarterfinals, will have to face TUR...
    2. In pools B and C, it will be a walk for ITA and TUR: Italy will go straight to the semifinals, while TUR, in the quarterfinals, will find one between SRB and POL;
    3. pool D is a Golden League group: the NED should have the road cleared up to the semi-final against SRB or POL;
    4. The only surprises there could be could come from UKR (almost certain third in pool A) who could make a hunchback jab at SRB or POL, GER (almost certain runners-up in pool C) who will face the winner of Pool A (SRB or POL) in the quarter-finals or from FRA, should they win over NED in Pool D;

    My predictions:

    • There will be no surprises: ITA, POL, SRB and TUR (in alphabetical order) are too much stronger than the others and only the Pool A duel can change anything...
    • SRB will win pool A and, after defeating NED in the semifinal (it will be like eating a piece of cake), they will be a finalist FOR SURE...
    • The other semifinal will be ITA against the winner between TUR and POL: so it will be ITA-TUR...
    • As italian, I say that ITA will be confirmed as European champion...
  • I will put it here, Havelkova joined Czech NT in preparation for ECH

  • I Agree with you that semis will be turkey, Serbia, Italy And Netherlands but it will be very balanced semis between Italy and turkey. Serbia might loose against Poland though if they play like they did this VNL.

    I wish Poland was in the same group of Netherlands, then we could have seen best 4 European teams in top 4

  • I think Turkey has a good chance of winning it all. After experimenting with the starting six, I believe Santaralli found his starting 5 and the sixth player will be selected between Ilkin, Derya or Tuba who ever is playing well that day. On top of that Turkiye was the best blocking team in VNL, at the finals Turkiye was averaging 15 blocks a game. Italy without Egonu has no chance, with Eguno you never know but I think they need one more solid player. Serbia with Boss and Italy with Eguno you can never count them out.

  • One of the most strongest aspect of Turkiye's game is that we have a good pool to play different systems. You may not like our OHs and Setters, but thanks to them we have different options and Santarelli plays with whoever is in a good form.

    I think at least we have equal chances as with Italy and Serbia.. we were so close to beat Serbia last couple of years and now we also have Vargas Santarelli Gizem and the others.

  • Nederlands has got so easy way to semi-final:white: I`m jealous:rolll: Semi-final its only one game, so who knows, maybe they can catch the final:whistle:

    Did ECH gives many points for world ranking comparing to other tournaments?