Eurovolley 2023

  • The sets from ND has been so bad lol

  • NED has 2 experienced setters and both are playing like juniors :whistle:

  • My god, nerve wracking😱😱😱 Dijkema please...:gone:


  • A big thumbs up to Jasper as well who is proving her worth and role in the team!:flower:

    Yes the silent MVP here today. She is short but can spike and use the block pretty good, she was very good in defense today as well I'm impressed. :box: I liked Knollema but she wouldn't be able to fill her shoes today tbh. Maybe they should try her as (receiving) Opp. Both Plak and Dambrink are inconsistent.

  • I hope to get to the fifth stage as soon as possible. I would no longer have to stare into space, looking for inspiration to write something other than swears toward this kind of performances, hoping to find even the slightest trace of positivity. For me, it has become like looking for car keys in your girlfriend's purse.

    I can no longer make a calm and detached comment on yet another eye-tearing match. I can't, because it is not humanly possible to comment on a game in which we're doing the exact same mistakes I've seen our team make since forever and fail to react accordingly. I simply can't.

    I can no longer resist to players with existential problems, atavistic jinx, difficult times, periods of physical struggles making the team and the ones with some class relegated on the bench or, worse, spending some time at home.

    I can no longer resist to yet another absurds starting lineups, experiments and adaptations bordering horror genre.

    I can no longer resist to the feeling you're approaching the match like it's a war, with the liver in your hands and bile out of the mouth, instead of having a good time, with the desire to see a volleyball match. I'm not even saying a good one, just a normal one.

    I can no longer resist to the fact than when you talk about Italy, you have to talk about path, project, cards out of someone's sleeves rather than block, pass, serve. It's massacring us.

    I can no longer resist to people that has lived for years in snootiness, incompetence and ignorance at the management level, who despite the damage and mockery perpetrated over the years still stand where they are, speculating on people's passion. The greatest fault of these people is that they have taken away our hope, our desire to go to a game in a positive way and not as if they were calling us to the gallows. They have taken away our dreams, they have taken away our hope, they have taken away everything.

    In the name of navigating by sight, of dismantling a team every year to cover holes upon holes, of the impossibility of making even the slightest dream, we're dealing with a situation in which every game becomes a trickle, in which every match is a trial of pain that has no meaning to be, because volleyball should be entertaining.

    I won't go on because you'd like to see match rather than read some pointless outburst.

  • One thing I have to say about Plak is; she is a good and reliable blocker. Team NL really complementing each other here today, this would be a deserved win.