Eurovolley 2023

  • I am writing this having skipped browsing the messages throughout the game to avoid any possible toxic messages.

    Amazing game. All sets were close. There was fight till the end, great rallies. Too many mistakes for my taste especially by Turkish setters.

    boskovic was great, flawless to be precise., popovic was definitely better than her time in Fener😂 Busa was killing around 50%. So kudos to Serbia when most crossed them out due to their lack of form and also to Turkish proven track so far by wins against Poland and Italy.

    Turkish girls made 31 errors which made the game even closer. Santa should have subbed Hande when she kept making mistakes and never subbed in Simge. She is certainly not it. There are at least 3-4 better liberos in the Turkish league.

    It was truly a befitting game for a final. I am glad I got to watch it and winning was a bonus.

    I am also happy my other team Dutchies won the bronze medal. I am on cloud no 9.

    lets all appreciate this great tournament


  • Dutch girls are so happy with the Bronze, great to see!^^ Koslowski giving his medal to Marring:heart:

  • Let's run around hard.

    Share our responsibilities.

    After this side out (pointing to assistant coach).

  • I appreciate the Turkish fans here being gracious so far

  • Oh what a match, maybe not the highest level but so entertaining and nerve wrecking. Congrats to Turkiye on well deserved title. Vargas was insane, but also the MB's, also Gizem was really good with Karakurt entering the match on some moments. I could definetly say that Santareli made much better job with sub's than Guidetti, while third set was just insane how we succed to turn around, after that not letting Drca to stay had cost us the title (not literally, obviously Turkiye did the job but it was mistake for sure). Again it was so tie and one ball decision so i can't be mad, but that guts to sub Maja will be definetly so important for our future results.Zivkovic is the game changer. My dream team

    Vargas (MVP)

    Van Alen/Boskovic




    Honorable mentions to some that have great tournament but are out of best 4 or just have better ones above them: Pietrini, Korneluk, Stenzel, Lemens, Mlejnkova, maybe someone else,....

    Drca should be in, this is her day and Maja is starting sloppy with sets to OHs which are too low.. Our MBs are terrible this game, Aleksic is a must, idk if something is wrong with her and that’s why she is on bench

    i don't understand why Ognjenović tends to rely that much on Bošković sometimes. I mean, Drča showed that you can play a more balanced volleyball keeping you best player hot at the same time.

    Drca was playing great, Busa was scoring with her, meanwhile Maja set her only OOS balls and overuses Boskovic

    Not having Drca on court when she turned around that 3rd set is unbelievable.. at least to start to see if we would keep the same energy with her…

    The fact that Guidetti do not use Drca in the 4rth set was crucial

  • Just Vargas being awarded MVP as far as they showed!

    No dream team since 2019, fan voting and CEV publishing decision via video few days after end.

  • Congrats to both teams. Boskovic is out of this world. But I am so happy this time we got the cup…….<3<3<3<3

  • Omg! What a match! In the beginning I thought it would be maybe slightly an easier game for Turkey but Serbian girls were really good. It felt like everyone on the Serbian side was putting their 150%, even Giovanni lol, he made some good changes, especially in the 3rd set.

    Boskovic was in her typical god mode throughout the match, I was wondering her attacking stats but by the end of 4th set, she started to slow down, otherwise the result would be so different.

    I also need to admit that Guidetti's coaching was better than Santarelli's tonight. Not sure why the second one insisted so much on Cansu when her block looked like she was falling from a cliff and asking someone to hold her hand lol :D Well done both teams for making this such a thrilling final!

  • Gizem had a very honest and heartbreaking interview. She said she felt proud for the team when she was not invited but she also felt disappointed because she wasn't a part of the team. She said whenever the team got a success or a good result, her father called and celebrated her even though she's not there, also he added she would be there one day. After saying that, she screamt "Dad I'm here when Türkiye is writing history!" and started to cry. It was so emotional. ;(;(;(

  • Besides him being arguably the greatest coach in the world right now with all consequences of that - with his laid-back-passionate attitude I suppose he's a great chemistry-maker as well.

    I've started digging into social media, and while I am like completely neutral toward Turkey as a team, this enthusiasm of fans is something unparalleled in Europe and something that volleyball definitely needs. Kudos once again.