Poland - Tauron Liga 2022/23

  • Seems Witkowska got a huge confidence boost after WCH with this scoring in friendly games. Nice to see Łukasik performing well, hope she is the missing link for NT.

  • UNI Opole – ŁKS Commercecon Łódź 0:3

    (15:25, 20:25, 21:25)

    MVP: Valentina Diouf

    UNI Opole: Orzyłowska (5 pkt.), Stronias (5), Conceicao (9), Pellegrino (5), Makarowska-Kulej (2), Kraiduba (18), Adamek (libero) oraz Janicka, Senica, Sieradzka (1)
    ŁKS Commercecon Łódź: Witkowska (13), Diouf (16), Górecka (7), Ratzke, Alagierska-Szczepaniak (5), Scuka (4), Maj-Erwardt (libero), Hryshchuk, Gajer, Piasecka (3)

  • Seems Witkowska got a huge confidence boost after WCH with this scoring in friendly games. Nice to see Łukasik performing well, hope she is the missing link for NT.

    as we see after match with uni Opole. 2nd best scorer:super:let she keep this for a long time:)

    about ŁKS I see that there will be fight for starting six between Scuka and Piasecka. I knew that this transfer will not be strong for team, but for plus is that Piasecka has got big chance for beeing starting player

  • It looks like another team in second division will fall apart - MB Marta Budnik and OH Daria Dąbrowska left Częstochowa (they joined Stal Mielec, which will for sure advance to TL and they arleady have better roster than Legionowo or Bydgoszcz :lol:) Also OPP Natalia Sidor may join Pałac Bydgoszcz.

  • I am not a fan of her, but she really deserves better team than Bydgoszcz. Where is Krajewska?

    She played almost the whole game for Roleski. She's now called Łyczakowska

  • Bydgoszcz with first win and Monika Gałkowska with 28 points. Idk why Becheva and Lukić barely played in Tarnów :what:

    They will play more once their coach is fired. Looking at his history, it should happen in December, before Christamas :D

  • Just wondering if Julia Orzal, Wisconsin, is progressing enough to make the Polish NT team in time for the Olympics and if see is seen as an OH or maybe a libero?

    There are plenty of young good liberos who can play for the next 10 years.

    I think and hope that Orzol might take Górecka's spot in National Team. However, I don't think it will happen before 2024. She currently focus on her studies and playing for Wisconsin. After that, she would like to play pro in Europe. Seeing her this year, I have doubts whether that path she chose is the best for her. I have a feeling that she didn't make in progress in attacking, and her serve seems to be worse than last year.

    I'd like to see her leaving Wisconsin and joining a team in Poland for year or two - e.g. Developres (under coach Antiga). And after that, aiming to go to Italy.

  • I don't know what's the official reason. The fact is she didn't take part in trainings with the team for some time

  • Górecka and Szlagowska should be afraid of their place in NT. Druzkowska is the same type of player as Łukasik.

    Druzkowska isn't the same type of player IMHO. Druzkowska still needs to improve her passing skills/defense. Lukasik is way better in those elements. I think Druzkowska is similar player as Czyrnianska.

    Anyway, the opinions of having Druzkowska and Czyrnianska in the starting-six are funny. None of them is solid receiver :D People saw that during VNL Czyrnianska scoread a lot of points, but she was covered in reception. They were trying to left like 1 meter for her :D

  • pity that this match (Kal vs Bie) wasn`t in tv. Looks that it was good battle. I hope that Druzkowska will improve her reception and she will be real OH:super: