Poland - Tauron Liga 2022/23

  • she had health problems in Casalmaggiore? She has hardly played recently, Radomka does not need more injured players

    I dont know If she is injured. I Guess she helped Casalmaggiorre last season but in this season she isnt been starting pra getting chances to play.

  • Looking at stats after 11 games:


    Damaske - 38,52%

    Drużkowska - 35,43%

    Att Efficiency:

    Damaske - 25,96%

    Drużkowska - 22,42%

    Damaske is not better than Drużkowska. Look how played Drużkowska in last match.

  • Developres-Chemik 25:12...set showed all the weak points of Chemik

  • I think that Chemik will look for the new coach if they lose that match. Thats going to be their 3rd defeat in a row..

  • its very possible...although coach is not their biggest problem

  • 6:2 for Chemik so maybe they started to fight

  • Rzeszów crush Police in 4th set. Chemik is a mess. They playing without reception a setters dont fix that.

    Kalandadze MVP. She was outstanding today.

  • IŁ Capital Legionovia Legionowo suffered its eleventh defeat this season. The hosts of Saturday's clash of the 11th round faced the penultimate team in the table - UNI Opole. At some moments, the legionnaires faced their opponents, but for most of the match, the Opole volleyball players controlled the game and won without losing a set.

    MVP: Pola Janicka

    IŁ Capital Legionovia Legionowo – UNI Opole 0:3

    (18:25, 20:25, 15:25)

    Team compositions:

    Legionovia: Dębowska (3), Duda (11), Mazenko (5), Mras (3), Szymańska (9), Lenik (2), Kulig (libero) and Jedut, Bartczak (3), Dąbrowska and Stefanik

    UNI: Stronias (9), Conceicao (8), Pellegrino (12), Janicka (3), Kecher (7), Kraiduba (11), Adamek (libero) and Senica, Makarowska-Kulej (1) and Sieradzka (4)

  • ŁKS Commerceccon Łódź – Grot Budowlani Łódź 3:0(26:24, 25:22, 25:17)

    MVP: Julita Piasecka

    ŁKS: Gryka (8), Diouf (21), Górecka (7), Ratzke, Alagierska-Szczepaniak (4), Piasecka (17), Maj-Erwardt (libero) oraz Scuka, Gajer, Hryszczuk (1)
    Budowlani: Łazowska (3), Durul (15), Kazała (3), Fedusio (14), Sobolska (4), Gawlak (4), Łysiak (libero) oraz Kędziora, Kukulsk


  • Standings after 11 rounds:

    1. ŁKS Łódź 32 points

    2. Developres 31

    3. Chemik 23

    4. BKS Bielsko-Biała 21

    5. MKS Kalisz 18

    6. #VolleyWrocław 15

    7. Budowlani Łódź 14

    8. Pałac Bydgoszcz 13

    9. Roleski Tarnów 11

    10. Radomka 10

    11.UNI Opole 10

    12. Legionovia 0

  • Marek Mierzwinski is no longer the head coach of Chemik Police. They will announce the name of new coach later this week.

  • Legionovia in big trouble! Main sponsor IŁ Capital will not give money for club anymore... in near future club decide to stay or not in TL. Very sad news;(