Poland - Tauron Liga 2022/23

  • Grupa Azoty Chemik Police – OnlyBio Pałac Bydgoszcz 3:2

    (14:25, 25:19, 27:29, 25:19, 15:13)

    MVP: Martyna Czyrniańska


    Chemik: Czyrniańska (27), Barkocević-Canzian (14), Łukasik (12), Korneluk (9), Wasilewska (6), Kowalewska, Stenzel (libero), Cipriano (6), Połeć (4), Almeida de Sousa (2)

    Pałac: Ter Brugge (21), Żurowska (18), Lewandowska (13), Nowakowska (13), Różyńska (13), Bałdyga (2), Witkowska (libero), Mazurek, Justka (libero)

  • I think it was 2 years ago. They wanted Łukasik but signed Kalandadze.

    Łukasik stay in Police.Wasilewska the same.Kalandadze and Fedusio go Chemik.Brakocević and Stenzel dont want stay.Oposite i hear Elizabet Inneh-Varga.

  • I feel that Łukasik will be like Piccinini in Bergamo or Eda in Fener:roll: but unfortunately Chemik is not top club in Euroupe like that last mentionedX/

  • Why? It's so bizarre!

    Her bf lives in Łódź, so maybe she wanted to live closer to him. ŁKS should hire her, Maj is the weakest point in their team.

  • I thought Stenzel would go abroad

    In the Polish league, its potential will now only recede:/

  • It's simple. Stenzel landed in Radomka bc there was no other place for her. They don't want to change the liberos duo in ŁKS, so no place there. And she didn't wanted to stay in Police due to the chairman being really weird. The rumor says that when he heared she want's to go to the other club he was like - no, no more conversations about the new contract. So she had to go to Radom. Not bc of the boyfriend.

    I'm sad about this because her level is receiding already... and she should go look for the other challenges outside Tauronliga.

    - Radomka will be funny tho. As far they signed Stenzel (100%), the MB duo (Moskwa, Świrad) will stay. Biała is not staying, Stasz will stay. They talk with Kamila Witkowska and looking for the possibility to sign Różański.

    - The funniest part is the coach xD As for now they will give the team to Głuszak. As the 1.

  • The funniest part is the coach xD As for now they will give the team to Głuszak. As the 1.

    Really? I heard they signed coach (not a good one, probably worse than Krzyształowicz) from abroad.

  • ŁKS Commercecon Łódź – Grupa Azoty Chemik Police 2:3
    (17:25, 20:25, 26:24, 25:20, 13:15)

    ŁKS: Gryka (13), Witkowska (12), Diouf (24), Górecka (3), Ratzke (4), Scuka (19), Maj-Erwardt (libero) oraz Hryszczuk, Gajer, Piasecka (3)

    Chemik: Cipriano (6), Korneluk (13), Brakocevic-Canzian (29), Fabiola (5), Wasilewska (9), Łukasik (22), Stenzel (libero) oraz Kowalewska, Mędrzyk, Czyrniańska


  • And right now is live stresming Budowlani Łódź vs ŁKS Łódź. ŁKS leading 1:0 playing without Diouf. Roberta create Górecka as a main leader today. Comparing to last game, Górecka playing good match:win:

  • Grot Budowlani Łódź – ŁKS Commercecon Łódź 1:3(24:26, 18:25, 25:20, 14:25)

    MVP: Zuzanna Górecka

    Budowlani: Pol (12), Łazowska (2), Kąkol (22), Durul (13), Kazała (1), Sobolska (4), Łysiak (libero) oraz Polak, Kędziora, Kukulska (9)

    ŁKS: Gryka (11), Witkowska (17), Górecka (19), Hryszczuk (11), Ratzke, Scuka (16), Maj-Erwardt (libero) oraz Dróżdż, Gajer (1), Piasecka (3), Drabek (libero)

  • Julia Kąkol suprised me today very positive! Good performance in this game:super:maybe some reactivation?:whistle:

  • Most watched games in February televised by Polsat Sport (Average number of viewers by Nielsen)

    1. Roleski Tarnów - Developres Rzeszów 113,818 people

    2. Chemik Police - Budowlani Łódź 77,431

    3. Radomka - Developres 76,443

    4. Radomka - Pałac Bydgoscz 74,793

    5. UNI Opole - MKS Kalisz 70,453

    6. BKS Bielsko Biała - Chemik Police 68,375

    7. Developres - ŁKS 64,194

    8. Grot Budowlani - UNI Opole 61,424

    9. Pałac Bydgoszcz - ŁKS Łódź 58,317

    10. #VolleyWrocław - Radomka 56,806