Brazil NT 2022

  • its like every Olympic year, either womens team is good/mens team is bad and vice versa. I'm more for the womens team getting a medal this year

  • Mauricio Borges trending on Twitter. Locals dont want him going to Paris.

    Bernardinho said he was testing his team with Lukas Bergmann, Arthur and Honorato but aint using them. They’re just there to fill out the roster

  • Potential OG NT for Paris

    S: Bruno, Cachopa

    L: Thales

    OH: Lucarelli, Leal, Mauricio, Honorato

    OP: Darlan, Alan

    MB: Lucas, Flavio, Isac

    Not sure who will be the +1 though. I am not excited about this lineup and i am not sure they will be at the podium at Paris. Hopefully CBV sacks Bernardinho because I dont see him using Lukas Bergmann, Arthur, Adriano, Thiery as starters post Paris.

    More excited about Brazil's Women's NT.

  • He did and rejected it. The guy is selfish and overrated, of course.

    he could have spared us from seeing Mauricio at VNL and OG. Has the father/son coach/player tandem always had that attitude? Rezende shooing off the cameras and not being interviewed, Bruno complaining and arguing with the other team

  • Hey guys, do you know where can I buy this beautiful t-shirt? :cheesy:

    I ve watched honorato live, he is such a cutie😍 is he gay or just an ally?