Brazil NT 2022

  • The real questions is, will Bruno still the starting setter after Paris

    nah, Cachopa will start and they will have a new young setter as an understudy

  • Just watch the U21 and Arthur, Lukas Bergmann, Thierry and Samuel are all developing well.

  • The same old story again, a bunch of average players as Roque, Honorato, Otavio, Thales, the usual mistakes in Bruninho sets costing something to the team, Renan always late with subs. This guy is unbielivable, Brazil has produced some good material in recent generations. Nobody had a chance. Renan spent 5 years rehashing Bernardinho's work. Then there comes a time like that, even those who have been at the bench for a few years, it's raw.

    No Judson today, no Maique, both didn't play one second, I could named at least 5 better líberos than Thales playing in Brazil, where is Barreto (MB)?.

    Brasilia (S), Daniel Muniz (OH), Chizoba (OPP) and Birigui (OH) also wasn't registered for any stage. Abouba traveled to Poland only to be cut because everyone knows that Roque is chosen by the senate, it's pathetic.

    There's not much to go with this team, there's an imbalance of levels between generations and a limitation of pieces, it's running out and especially with this guy ahead of the team, you can't go anywhere.

    I hope one day, when this guy will be far away from NT, Douglas decide to comeback, he is needed, Lucarelli and Leal holding on for one more cycle not gonna happen, we will need people with experience there. But Renan is not going anywhere, if he stayed even after that shameful episode against Russia in 2018 WCH, it's not gonna be now we will be free from his cowardice.

  • Yup, Renan is actually quite funny.

    Once again, it has turned out that Brazil has no depth or youth to compete in an event such as VNL, so it ends on the quarter final with a bad loss (a year ago it was against the USA) - but at the same time he played with very narrow rotation throughout the event, so it looks like a wasted opportunity to get any experience or fresh legs from some outside-of-the-circle players.

    That being said, Honorato and Adriano were average at best, Brazil has absolutely no legit depth after semi-retirement of Douglas right now, and yet he still manages to play it badly (Abouba is easily superior to Felipe for example). Not that I believe in Victor Cardoso or Muniz - but the only positive from this VNL are some minor sub chances for Arthur from what I've seen (and some decent Judson's subs, that were meaningless at the end). Brazil was disastrous at the end of the WCH U21 and they were swept 0-3 in the final of U19 continentals, so I don't think anyone new worth of attention will come out of nowhere in this year's youth/junior volleyball cycle.

    It's like: it's not his fault he has non-existent depth and yet he still manages to underplay it.

    Cachopa, Brasilia

    Alan, Darlan, these solid opps from France

    Flavio, Judson, Thierry, Maicon

    Lucarelli, Arthur, ???, ???

    Maique, Ale?

    Brazil needs some fantastic coach to make it after Paris OG.

  • Pan American Cup Roster

    S: Brasilia, Mateus Bender

    OH: Arthur, Lukas Bergmann, Maicon Santos, Marcus Vinicius, Victor Birigui

    OP: Darlan, Oppenkoski

    MB: Cledenilson, Geovane Kuhnen, Pietro, Thiery

    L: Ale Elias

    Coach: Carlos Schwanke

  • Lukas Bergmann, Oppenkoski??

  • training for South American Championships

    S: Bruno, Cachopa

    MB: Otavio, Judson, Lucas, Flavio

    OH: Leal, Honorato, Adriano, Lucarelli

    OP: Alan, Roque, Abouba

    L: Maique, Thales

  • They should try Matheus Brasilia as Setter in NT. Now playing in Pan American Cup

  • So it means that Renan doubled his bet and after memorable achievements like taking Brazil out of first place in the world ranking after 20 years, being left off the Olympic podium for the first time after four Olympic medals in a row, and not forgetting from the most beautiful moment of his career as a coach, when he threw a ball inside the court, during the game, in the match against Russia at the WCH in 2018, now he led Brazil to the catastrophic result in the South American Championship, in which Brazil he had never lost, playing at home, by 3x0 and in a pathetic performance.

    CBV and the players are also responsible for this result, especially the CBV, which impassively watches the decay of the men's volleyball team in Brazil. All the solutions have already been pointed out, I'm tired of talking about how this team is accommodated since Bernardinho left, everyone is tired of talking around here, but certain people just don't want to leave their place.

  • So Carlos Schwanke has been removed from the NT activities. Why not Renan instead lol.

  • 24 Wide Roster for Olympics Qualifying Tournament

    S: Bruno, Thiago Velosso, Matheus Gonçalves, Cachopa

    OH: Lukas Bergmann, Adriano, Leal, Honorato, Maicon, Arthur, Lucarelli

    OP: Abouba, Felipe Roque, Alan, Darlan, Oppenkoski

    MB: Otavio, Lucas, Flavio, Geovane Kuhnen, Thiery, Judson

    L: Maique, Thales, Alexander Elias

  • Bernardinho takes over coordination of men's volleyball at CBV – Web Vôlei (

    WorldofVolley :: BRA M: Marcos Miranda Named Assistant Coach for Brazilian Men's Volleyball Team - WorldOfVolley

    written by WoV September 6, 2023

    In a fresh update, the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) revealed Marcos Miranda as the assistant coach for the Brazilian men’s volleyball squad. Miranda, no stranger to the national team, was part of the coaching entourage during Brazil’s gold medal victory at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Marcos-Miranda-1024x683.jpeg

    Filling the shoes of Carlos Schwanke, Miranda’s immediate task is the Olympic Qualifiers in Rio de Janeiro from September 30 to October 8. Renan Dal Zotto, reflecting on this appointment, remarked, “Marcos is not just an Olympic champion but also a seasoned coach and exceptional professional. His expertise will surely build on the legacy we started with Schwanke.”

    Miranda currently leads Sesi Bauru. His impressive coaching résumé includes stints as the head coach for both the Australian national team and Russia’s Belogorie Belgorod. Miranda, an ex-volleyball player, boasts a remarkable coaching journey, having participated in four Olympics. He served as an assistant to Jose ‘Ze’ Roberto Guimaraes when the Brazilian men’s team clinched the gold at the 1992 Barcelona Games. Additionally, with his expertise in beach volleyball, he guided the duo of Ana Paula Henkel and Sandra Pires to achieve a commendable fifth position at the Athens 2004 Games.

    Rio is among three cities hosting the Men’s Olympic Qualifiers, where Brazil and seven other nations, including Germany, Qatar, Cuba, Iran, Italy, Czech Republic, and Ukraine, will vie for two spots in the Paris 2024 Olympics.


    Damn, with Leal being an actual 35yo health-wise, the prospects for this (not to mention next ones) Olympic cycle look so average for Brazil, obviously, they'll qualify for the Olympics regardless of OQT outcome, but I don't know what are the chances that they'll all be healthy next year at the right time with over 30yo players-only lineup and injury-prone spikers.


    Damn, with Leal being an actual 35yo health-wise, the prospects for this (not to mention next ones) Olympic cycle look so average for Brazil, obviously, they'll qualify for the Olympics regardless of OQT outcome, but I don't know what are the chances that they'll all be healthy next year at the right time with over 30yo players-only lineup and injury-prone spikers.

    you have Bernardinho at Marcos Miranda helping and scouting though.

    Lucarelli, Honorato, Adriano and Lukas Bergmann. I think he will call another one OH, maybe Arthur.

  • Bernadinho should bring back Douglas Souza.

    dude, Bernadinho should bribe Douglas into coming back to the NT

  • As long as Renan continues as coach, Douglas will not be anywhere near the NT.