Turkey - Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi 2022/2023

  • basicly Ecza destroyed fener with just 2 foreigners

    Beyza played game of her life, Jask is perfect

    Beyza played good in cup too. I saw a lot of negative critique for her on social media, in one of Eczacibas's commercials, she blocked and they made fun of her that it was a rare Beyza blocking moment. I guess she turned it into motivation rather than letting it bring her down :thumbup:

  • We didn't watch the same game apparently.

    I cant read this what was her hitting percentage ? She had 25 kills on 33 swings ? I can’t possibly be reading that right….

  • Did Thai TV bought rights to Sariyer matches? Otherwise it's really random for MisliTV to geoblock this match specifically when it gets so many views.

  • Great start from Eczacıbaşı to new season! Almost all of parts were great for team, blocking-passing-line defence were awesome.

    Boskovic is still in WCH mood. %67 attack was superb :obey:. Hande-Voronkova looks solid to me, both defence and offense. Great contribution from them.

    Simge was ok for me, especially on digging. Elif sometimes played shaky, but somehow she managed it

    For Fenerbahçe, Arina was totally lost. Meryem-Lazareva duo did not contribute adequately. Only Eda and maybe Macris were ok today.

    Before the match, I think the match would be more challenging, comparing to last match against Vakıfbank. Way better scenario for Eczacıbaşı. Good job team :win:

  • we all see what a useless and probably not cheap signing meryem is. Such a pitty gizem doesn't have a back up. I saw no extra digs from her. Ana C is getting better. Most feners attacks were predictable be it set by macris or buse. As I guessed fener has a high ceiling but with high volatility. In order to become champ one needs to win an entire play off series. Good luck with that.

  • Sweet Jesus, Egonu 17/21 :white:

    amazing night for Egonu vs Bošković fight :lol:

    except one was against Fenerbache and the other was against Bolu lmao

  • I watched game between Eczacibasi and Fenerbahce and it was pleasure, even if it was only 3:0:obey: Eczacibasi seems to be very strong this year when Voronkova is in roster! I wonder how they will play against Vakifbank. They can be favorite this year in each competition:super:

  • All right guys, let's not get ahead of ourselves. It was one game, and as many pointed out, it was almost a perfect one, where everything was working for them. Not just Boskovic-I-can't-seem-to-hit-below-60%-anymore, but reception (Simge was okay!) and block. Voronkova a solid contribution. In particular, I might have slightly underestimated her contribution to the team when I estimated the team's chances for this season, but I still don't expect them to win any titles this year. They'll have to continue playing like this against top opposition to convince me otherwise.