Argentina NT 2022

  • This is the wide squad to play this year in VNL and WCh...

    Setters: Luciano De Cecco, Matias Giraudo, Matias Sánchez, Pablo Urchevich.

    Opposites: Bruno Lima, Juan Barrera, Manuel Balague.

    Outside hitters: Facundo Conte, Nicolás Lazo, Jan Martinez, Nicolás Mendez, Ezequiel Palacios, Luciano Palonsky, Manuel Armoa, Luciano Vicentin.

    Middle Blockers: Joaquín Gallego, Agustín Loser, Martín Ramos, Nicolás Zerba, Franco Medina, Flavio Rajczakowski.

    Liberos: Santiago Danani, Franco Massimino.

    Pereyra, Poglajen and Sole have not been called to the team which would suggest all 3 are retiring but the press release from FEVA only said that "they will not be part of this stage" and that they "thank them for their service during all these years".

    I think it's an implied retirement but they are waiting for the players themselves to confirm that on their own social media channels.

  • Confirmed final roster for the World Championship and Hubert Wagner memorial...

    S - De Cecco, Sanchez

    Op - Lima, Kukartsev

    MB - Ramos, Loser, Gallego, Zerba

    OH - Conte, Palonsky, Palacios, Vicentin

    L - Danani, Martinez (also OH)

    The biggest surprise is Kukartsev who hasn't played for the national team in years and makes it straight to the WCh. Calling up a guy that plays in Spain says it all about our depth in the opposite position.

  • Apart from a new OPP, the biggest surprise is that Mendez didn't select his son for WCh. Will his son get a free pass to Paris in 2024?

    Nah I think this is the end for him. Wasn't used in VNL either.

    The coach already achieved his goal which was to give his boy a free olympic medal (despite not playing a single point).