Korean Women's NT 2022

  • South Korean Women's NT 2022 Tournament Schedule


    May 31 (Tue) - Jun 5 (Sun) : 2022 VNL - Week 1, Shreveport-Bossier City, USA

    Jun 14 (Tue) - Jun 19 (Sun) : 2022 VNL - Week 2, Brasilia, Brazil

    Jun 28 (Tue) - Jul 3 (Sun) : 2022 VNL - Week 3, Sofia, Bulgaria

    Jul 13 (Wed) - Jul 17 (Sun) : 2022 VNL Finals, Ankara, Turkey

    Aug 21 (Sun) - Aug 28 (Sun) : 2022 AVC Cup Women's Tournament, Manila, Philippines

    Sep 10 (Sat) - Sep 25 (Sun) : 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, Hangzhou, China *** Postponed (1) ***

    Sep 24 (Sat) - Oct 16 (Sun) : 2022 Women's Volleyball World Championship, Netherlands and Poland


    Jun 6 (Mon) - Jun 13 (Mon) : 14th Asian Girls' U18 Volleyball Championship, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

    Jul 4 (Mon) - Jul 11 (Mon) : 21st Asian Women's U20 Volleyball Championship, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

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  • 2022 VNL Roster


    • 3. YEUM Hye-Seon (KGC Ginseng Corp.)
    • 17. PARK Hae-Jin (Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders)


    • 5. NOH Ran (KGC Ginseng Corp.)
    • 4. HAN Da-Hye (GS Caltex Kixx)

    Middle Blocker:

    • 9. LEE Ju-Ah (Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders)
    • 8. JUNG Ho-Young (KGC Ginseng Corp.)
    • 12. LEE Da-Hyeon (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)
    • 18. CHOI Jeong-Min (IBK Industrial Bank Altos)

    Outside Hitter:

    • 15. HWANG Min-Kyoung (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)
    • 13. PARK Jeong-Ah (Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-Pass) [C]
    • 16. LEE Han-Bi (Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers)
    • 7. KANG So-Hwi (GS Caltex Kixx)
    • 11. PARK Hye-Min (KGC Ginseng Corp.)
    • 14. JEONG Ji-Yun (Hyundai E&C Hillstate) Injury
    • 6. LEE Seon-Woo (KGC Ginseng Corp.)
    • 10. GO Ye-Rim (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)

    Opposite Hitter:

    • 19. KIM Hee-Jin (IBK Industrial Bank Altos)

    Head Coach:

    • Cesar Hernandez GONZALEZ

    The other players included in the 25-player wide roster are:

    • Setter: 2. KIM Ha-Kyung (IBK Industrial Bank Altos), 22. AN Hye-Jin (GS Caltex Kixx)
    • Libero: 20. HAN Su-Jin (GS Caltex Kixx)
    • Middle Blocker: 21. KIM Chae-Yeon (Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders), 23. PARK Eun-Jin (KGC Ginseng Corp.), 25. MOON Myoung-Hwa (GS Caltex Kixx)
    • Outside Hitter: 1. YOO Seo-Yeun (GS Caltex Kixx), GO Ye-Rim (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)
    • Opposite Hitter: 24. NA Hyun-Soo (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4


    • 2022.05.23 JEONG Ji-Yun [OH] (Hyundai E&C Hillstate) left the NT due to an injury. GO Ye-Rim [OH] (Hyundai E&C Hillstate) will take Ji-Yun's place in the NT (1).
  • Was surprised to find Lee Soyoung, Ahn Hyejin, and Im Myoung Ok missing from the list

    They're not injured nor needing rest

    I guess Cesar is planning to fully rebuild the team with young talent or to review other players abilities through a lower risk VNL
    (but there's now more risks of losing world ranking points through VNL with the new changes)

    Unfortunately no other option for domestic Opposite player even as back-up for Heejin.

    I like that Park Haejin setter was chosen, she has the agility to fit speed volleyball and there's potential for growth.

    But Yeom instead of Hyejin? I guess they preferred Yeum after watching both play previously.

    Also, Im Myung Ok missing from the list.. despite her never/rarely played under Lavarini's team previously makes it weirder

    And why Noh Ran, if anyone can explain this?

  • Setters and libero choices are the most strange to me (based on the performance of these players last V-league season).

    None of the setters from the top three teams was chosen. Yeum Hyeseon is the weirdest choice if Cesar's goal is to create a young team. Her play wasn't exceptional and she's too injury-prone.

    Haejin is young and she has potential but I think around the second half of the season Kim Dasol was Heungkuk's main setter. Can't remember where I read this but someone said Haejin was injured?

    Surprised not seeing Kim Dain on the list. She plays almost full time for the team that won almost every match last season.

    I like Noh Ran but again, I also remember her being injured and Chae Seonah had to step in.

    Honestly don't know what to say about Dahye now that GS' starting libero is Oh Jiyoung and Dahye had so little time to play. The only thing I remember her for is the serve ace in the KOVO Cup match where GS had a ton of serve aces. :gone:

    Juah, Hoyoung and Dahyeon are the obvious choices for the MB position. Maybe Jeongmin was chosen because she can also play OP? (poor lonely Heejin)

    OH has a good mix from different teams. Missing some familiar names like Soyoung and Seungju (don't hit me). A bit surprise to see Minkyoung their though I have to say she's the best defensive OH on the list.

    I think it's likely that everyone is going to have their chances with the many tournaments happening this year, so if our faves are not chosen yet, we're just have to be patient.

    But still some questionable choices. Maybe Cesar's data knows something that I don't. :lol:

  • almost all korean known team retired or missing

    Weird miss of lee so young and i tough park jeong ah retired too

  • It feels weird knowing almost none of these players... Just Park Jeong-Ah and Kim Hee-Jin.

  • Han da hye doesnt play much last season i dont know why they pick her, there is still kim yeon gyeon (hyundai) available, noh ran is performing well before injury last season.

    Oh ji young is injured i read correctly.

    For setters, is it enough only bringing two players? They should add another one.

    I think choi jeong min also backing up for opposite position.

  • New jersey... so ugly...

    The collars my goodness....


    It's far from ugly but.................... it looks more like a tennis uniform. Definitely not ugly though.

    They could have done a better job on the numbers because it's probably harder to read from afar. That typography is definitely a Puma thing because I have Puma shirts (not a jersey) with that font type

  • It's far from ugly but.................... it looks more like a tennis uniform. Definitely not ugly though.

    Subjective and it's just my opinion, based solely on it being a volleyball uniform (its clearly not for tennis)

    I can't imagine them playing NT competitions with that uniform haha (but we will eventually see it in real life), looks like school uniforms instead

  • I've seen worse jersey designs than that. It's not fucking ugly by any means but it looks more like a casual outfit than for a professional athlete. KPop girls could make that a stage outfit. The numbers are hard to make out. I wonder how the shorts would look in action it looks a little loose.

  • There are changes to the tournaments for the junior teams. AVC has changed the age group of the two Women's Junior Championships to be held this year to be align with the FIVB World Championships in 2023. Therefore here are the changes:

    DatePrevious AVC Age Group Championship in 2022Adjustment of Age Group Championship in 2022
    June 6th (Mon) to
    June 13th (Mon)
    14th Asian Girls' U17 Volleyball Championship
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    14th Asian Women's U18 Volleyball Championship
    Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
    July 4th (Mon) to
    July 11th (Mon)
    21st Asian Women's U19 Volleyball Championship
    Semei, Kazakhstan
    21st Asian Women's U20 Volleyball Championship
    Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

    Sources: 1, 2, 3

    I think this is the roster for Korea Women's U18 NT which was posted here but I am unable to confirm its source. I did however find these pictures of the U18 team and some faces that I am familiar with match some of the names on this roster.

    UPDATE: An article from thespike.co.kr has confirmed that the roster posted earlier was correct.

    Korea Women's U18 NT Roster [Confirmed]

    No.PlayerPositionSchoolGradeD.O.B.Height [cm]Weight [kg]
    7GWAK Seon-Ok (곽선옥)OHIlshin Girls' Commercial H.S. (일신여상)22005.01.0117765
    8SHIN Eun-Ji (신은지) [C]OP*Sunmyung Girls' H.S. (선명여고)22005.06.2917567
    11SEO Chae-Hyun (서채현)SSunmyung Girls' H.S. (선명여고)22006.01.2617464
    15PARK Su-Bin (박수빈)SPohang Girls' H.S. (포항고)22005.10.1917558
    13KIM Se-Been (김세빈)MBHanbom H.S. (한봄고)22005.06.1618868
    19SONG Ah-Hyeon (송아현)OPHanbom H.S. (한봄고)22005.12.1317670
    3YU Ga-Ram (유가람)LiJecheon Girls' H.S. (제천고)22005.09.3016658
    5LEE Ju-A (이주아)OHMokpo Girls' Commercial H.S. (목포여상)12006.07.1218370
    4SONG Eun-Chae (송은채)OHBugae Girls' H.S. (부개여고)12006.01.1517562
    1BAEK Chae-Hee (백채희)OP*Jungang Girls' H.S. (중앙고)12006.05.0617663
    17JEON Da-Bin [(전다빈)OHJungang Girls' H.S. (중앙고)12006.07.0817562
    12LEE Ji-Yun (이지윤)MBJungang Girls' M.S. (중앙여중)32007.02.2818874

    Head Coach (감독) : CHANG Yoon-Hee (장윤희)

    * SHIN Eun-Ji and BAEK Chae-hee were both classified as Middle Blocker in the most recent High School Volleyball Tournament for their respective school volleyball team but the article from thespike.co.kr has noted them both down as OP.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8