Brazil - Superliga 2022/2023

  • Sada Cruzeiro


    arg.gif Nicolas Uriarte

    bra.gif Rodrigo Ribeiro


    bra.gif Wallace Souza

    bra.gif Welinton Oppenkoski


    bra.gif Rodrigo Leão

    cub.gif Miguel Lopéz

    bra.gif Gabriel Vaccari

    bra.gif Carlos Castro


    bra.gif Lucas Saatkamp

    bra.gif Otávio Pinto

    bra.gif Cledenilson Souza

    bra.gif Guilherme Rech

    bra.gif Pietro Santos


    bra.gif Lucas de Deus

    bra.gif Lucas Bauer



    bra.gif William Arjona

    bra.gif Rhendrick Resley


    bra.gif Leandro Vissotto

    bra.gif André Saliba


    bra.gif Henrique Honorato

    cub.gif Luis Elían Estrada

    bra.gif Arthur Bento

    bra.gif Marcus Coelho

    bra.gif Paulo Vinícios


    bra.gif Matheus Pinta

    usa.gif Austin Wilmot

    bra.gif Edson Paixão

    bra.gif Kelvi Souza


    bra.gif Maique Nascimento



    bra.gif Eduardo Carísio

    bra.gif Mateus Bender


    bra.gif Darlan Souza

    bra.gif Paulo Victor Costa

    bra.gif Marcos Júnior


    bra.gif Guilherme Emina

    bra.gif Victor Cardoso

    bra.gif Murilo Endres

    bra.gif Tiago Wesz

    bra.gif Lukas Bergmann

    bra.gif Robert dos Anjos


    bra.gif Éder Carbonera

    bra.gif Leonardo Andrade

    bra.gif Vinícius Elias

    bra.gif Thiery Nascimento


    bra.gif Douglas Pureza

    Vedacit Guarulhos


    bra.gif Sandro Carvalho

    bra.gif Gustavo Cardoso


    bra.gif Franco Paese

    bra.gif Gabriel Armanelli


    bra.gif Lucas Lóh

    bra.gif Lucas Figueiredo

    bra.gif Renato Russomano

    bra.gif Felipe Varela


    bra.gif Matheus Alejandro

    bra.gif Victor Babugia

    bra.gif Rômulo Silva


    bra.gif Filipe Stolberg

    bra.gif Pedro Cortal

  • Apan/Eleva/Blumenau


    bra.gif Ricardo Perini

    bra.gif Rodrigo Leme


    bra.gif Alan Souza

    bra.gif Leandro Santos

    bra.gif Caio Oliveira


    bra.gif Renan Bonora

    bra.gif Alan Patrick

    bra.gif Vitor Baesso

    bra.gif Thomas Barth


    bra.gif Wennder Lopes

    bra.gif Éder Levi

    bra.gif Paulo Carraro

    bra.gif Robson Augusto


    bra.gif Tiago Brendle

    bra.gif Rainier Schmidt

    Vôlei Renata


    arg.gif Demian González

    bra.gif Everaldo Lucena


    bra.gif Felipe Roque

    bra.gif Lucas Borges


    bra.gif Adriano Xavier

    arg.gif Nicolas Lazo

    bra.gif João Franck

    bra.gif Lucas Lima


    bra.gif Felipe Brito

    bra.gif Lucas Fonseca

    bra.gif Lucas Barreto


    bra.gif Alexandre Elias

  • Farma Conde/São José dos Campos


    bra.gif Matheus Brasília

    bra.gif Gabriel Bieler


    cub.gif Michael Sanchez


    bra.gif Douglas Souza

    est.gif Robert Täht

    bra.gif Rodrigo Honório

    bra.gif João Noleto


    bra.gif Johan Marengoni

    bra.gif Michel Saraiva

    bra.gif Gabriel Cotrim


    bra.gif Rogério Batista

    Montes Claros/América


    bra.gif Alexsandro Vicente

    bra.gif Jó Maurício


    cub.gif Osniel Rendon Gonzalez

    bra.gif Breno Nascimento


    bra.gif Matheus Silva

    pur.gif Diego Negrón

    bra.gif Lucaian Pereira


    bra.gif Melqui Vieira

    bra.gif Alesson Santiago

    bra.gif Symon Lima


    bra.gif Gian Moraes

    bra.gif Pedro Mococa

  • Brasília Vôlei


    cub.gif Adrián Goide

    bra.gif Luan Fonseca


    bra.gif Renato Adornelas


    bra.gif Jerson Júnior

    bra.gif Luan Mota

    bra.gif Rafael de Bairros

    bra.gif Robson Rodrigues


    bra.gif Geovane Kuhnen

    bra.gif David Figueiredo

    bra.gif Diego Dutra

    bra.gif Victor Alcântara


    bra.gif Matheus Martins

    bra.gif Thiago Gomes

    Suzano Vôlei


    bra.gif Gustavo Campelo

    bra.gif Luis Rodrigues


    bra.gif Guilherme Sabino

    bra.gif Jonadabe dos Santos


    bra.gif Matheus Celestino

    bra.gif Nathan Krupp

    bra.gif Daniel Muniz

    bra.gif Angellus Silva (also OPP)


    bra.gif Riad Ribeiro

    bra.gif Judson Nunes

    bra.gif Bruno Biella

    bra.gif Alberto Pedra


    bra.gif Diego Santos

    bra.gif Taichi Hangai

  • Café Vasconcelos/Araguari/UbeVôlei


    bra.gif Bruno Henrique Alves

    bra.gif Pedro Henrique Souza


    bra.gif Guilherme Araújo


    cub.gif Alejandro González

    bra.gif Bruno Temponi

    bra.gif Matias Provens

    bra.gif Maicon França (also OPP/MB)

    bra.gif Maxillam Lima


    bra.gif Álvaro Dourado

    bra.gif Eduardo Ferreira

    bra.gif Rafael Martins


    bra.gif Pedro Henrique Tomasi

    bra.gif Lucas Silva

    Rede Cuca Vôlei


    bra.gif Guilherme Dias


    bra.gif Gustavo Moura

    bra.gif Jose Nairton Silva

    bra.gif Reynaldo Rogers


    bra.gif Erick Barbosa

    bra.gif Hevaldo André Moreira

    bra.gif Lucas Sousa

    bra.gif Reinaldo de Outeiro


    bra.gif Caio Victor

    bra.gif Gabriel Mussi


    bra.gif Caio Lessa


    bra.gif Tiago Saunders

  • I don't see anyone from U19 and U21 aside from Arthur and Darlan. Man, they need to develop their young players

  • Updated all the rosters. Funvic/Natal (formerly two-time champions Funvic/Taubaté) wasn't allowed in Superliga due to countless cases of unpaid salaries for years, so they're out. Instituto Cuca (3rd place in second division) were given a spot in the competition.

  • What's up?

    Okay, so I was making a review of young players playing in respective leagues and a while ago came to Brazilian league. If I miss someone, obviously I'd be glad for a feedback, that's why I'm typing this post, maybe there's a guy I should take a look on.

    Setters: I don't see anyone worth mentioning, at least in terms of those playing regularly

    Opposites: Darlan plays okay, Felipe has made a progress, I like Paulo Vinicios on subs, these young guys (Breno, Sabino) got their chances, but it's too early
    OHs: Maicon plays regularly, but his technique is, well, not good, lol; Arthur doesn't get too much of playing time in Minas, the most he played in important matches was during CWCH, 52 spikes only so far;

    MBs: there's no Leo from what I've seen, but I like depth here: Thierry, Kelvi, Pietro Santos, Geovane, nothing spectacular, but at least solid in terms of depth

    Liberos: ???

    There are also Estrada and Rodriguez from Cuba on OH and OPP positions, respectively, and Goide, if we consider 25yo as a young player.

    Does Samuel play in some 2nd division team simultaneously? Cause I see him on Minas game roster, but he hasn't played yet, and in the summer he was the best player of 03/04 junior team at the Panamerican Cup from what I remember.

  • Samuel gets on the adult roster occasionally iirc (never plays tho), but I think he's playing the 2nd division with Minas' B team this year. Possibly next year too since he's still super young. Arthur barely gets playing time because their coach has been making some very weird choices this season and it's very apparent to everyone. As for the other guys...

    I don't think there are any young actual standouts this season to be fairly honest. Setter position is as dry as ever. OPPs are the same as the last 2 seasons with the best ones being Franco, Darlan, Roque and Alan. The best OH in the league is Douglas by far, with no real youngsters coming up -- but at least Adriano seems to have improved a bit? Maicon is having some good numbers in attack, but as you said, his movements are super janky.

    MBs are aplenty as always. I think the most solid ones so far have been Judson (Suzano), Vinícius Piaui (SESI) and Pietro/Álvaro (Araguari). Léo hasn't seen the court at all after being played around in the NT season and now he's underwent knee surgery and is out for the season. As for liberos, I think Alê Elias (Vôlei Renata) has been great. Almost every team has a great libero, but I don't see anyone overtaking Maique and Alê, at least from the ones playing here. I have no idea how Thales is doing, but it should be a no-brainer that Renan is gonna continue using him.

  • Speaking of youngsters, Pietro just had a massive match against Suzano with 12/14 in attacks + 9 blocks. Can't wait until Sada calls him back and leaves him on the bench for years lol

    Maicon seems to have improved a bit too. Araguari is a cool mid team to watch.

  • Wallace just got suspended for an indefinite amount of time* for instigating violence/murder against our current president. Fun times.

    *until the playoffs start, if I had to bet.

  • Wallace just got suspended for an indefinite amount of time* for instigating violence/murder against our current president. Fun times.

    *until the playoffs start, if I had to bet.

    What did he do/say exactly? I saw his vid apologizing and the comments of the people on his previous IG posts.

  • What did he do/say exactly? I saw his vid apologizing and the comments of the people on his previous IG posts.

    He posted a pic holding a gun in his IG stories and then followed by posting a poll asking his followers if they would like to shoot the president in the head with such a gun and finished it off with an :saint: emoji.

  • Lopez (Sada, OH) slapped Paulo (Minas, OPP) in the face in tonight's match. He then got expelled from the match and is possibly facing a multi-match suspension. What a lovely team Sada Cruzeiro is.

  • I dont get why Arthur Bento doesnt get more playing time with Minas while Honorato is starting player and always gets blocked.

  • If he put his mind to it, it's a no brainer.. his coach is the NT assistant coach, so if he wants to be there, he will be there...but I don't know for sure if he wants to