2022 SEA Games (May 12–21, Vietnam)

  • Maraño's doing a better job offensively than that flat footed clodhopper #18 who hit an overpass into the net

  • Wow I like #2 just who subbed in, got two points by slide behind.

    She's the Captain Abigail Maraño

  • When Jaja gets the timing she likes with the setter she can be lethal. Shades of her time in Japan

  • Indonesia MB #17 Wilda Siti Sugandi has a pretty good slide shot :thumbup:

  • I'm liking Jessica Galanza. She swings like she means it. Not landing a lot but at least it looks cool

  • They gotta diversify Jaja’s attack. Indonesian libero picking up them spikes at ease right now.

    She had a bad run there. She's not very adept at dealing with a set that's more than a millisecond off from what she hopes for. You can see the dorkiness

  • I had hope from the first two sets that we'd have some fun but this match really went downhill for PHI after that :(

    although Maraño been kind of fun

  • Come on PHI, you can get 6 match points :)

  • I think next game, they should start with #2. What's lacking with PH team is defense at the back, and good setting. They should adopt the fast play styles in the future, I think they got good height and good offensive players, just lacking stable setter.

  • Indonesia gets bonus points for the MB/OP combo where the MB slides out and the OP cuts inside for the kill. I love that play :rose:

  • I think next game, they should start with #2.

    Maybe she's been nursing an injury? It makes no sense to me why she hasn't been playing over #13 or #18. Who are those people :S