CEV Champions League 2023

  • Now we know the eligible teams for CL pool stage. With some not yet decided (?) participations it looks currently like this, for the 18 fixed berths with 13 relatively sure and 5 replacement teams, which can be inheriting some of those:

    ITA: Imoco CONEGLIANO, Vero Volley MONZA and Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA

    TUR: VakifBank ISTANBUL, Fenerbahce Opet ISTANBUL and Eczacibasi Dynavit ISTANBUL

    (RUS not banned would be: Lokomotiv KALININGAD, Uralochka NTMK EKATERINBURG and Dynamo MOSCOW)

    POL: Chemik POLICE, DevelopRes RZESZOW



    ROM: Alba BLAJ (??)

    BUL: Maritsa PLOVDIV

    UKR: Khimik YUZHNY (??)

    The possible replacement teams are (five, with 13 fixed from above they would use all 18):



    FIN: Pölkky KUUSAMO

    SLO: Calcit KANMIK

    BLR: Minchanka MINSK (?? not yet finished, but they will obviously win that championship as usual, being 2:0 up in final series)

  • interesting eraly discussion!

    i dont think Ukraine can participate since their championship not even have finished, they were not able to play since February :(((

    i would say some other clubs can confirm a spot, depending on the qualification system too, from countries that had fight on this year's 1st round:

    currently champs from:

    Spain- Tenerife LA LAGUNA

    Greece- Panathinaikos ATHENS

    Croatia- Mladost ZAGREB (played this year's qualify)

    Belgium- VDK Bank GENT

    Serbia- Crvena Zvezda BELGRADE

  • No cl extra spots for italian and turkish clubs

    in case no russian participates(they still have time until june) the slots gonna be given to poland (1) romania (1) and czech republic (1)


  • I Just Hope that final four could bê back. This final isnt the same thing.

  • Turkish twitter is mad not bcz they don't allow 4 Turkish teams but bcz Naz won't be playing CL lol

    I'm one of them! I hope she wasn't wrongly promised about the CL participation🤔

    She has been part of CL for so many seasons it will not be same without her. I think she also has the record for the player who participated to final four of cl the most

  • i think ecz mistake was not signing naz this year. naz would be starter in the most matches in the turkish league, and she could replace maja at the cl matches, or maybe naz would start some cl matches also

  • Novara revealed some format changes

    All unchanged until the group stage, which will reach 20 teams divided into five groups.

    At the end of the group stage, the first five of their respective groups will be automatically promoted to the quarter-finals, while the five teams finished second and the best third classified will compete in a double match from which the three teams that will complete the quarter-finals will be promoted.

    The other third classified (the four worst of the five) will instead be fished in the Cev Cup, entering the quarter-finals of the competition.

    The format of the final phase is also unchanged, with quarter-finals and semi-finals round trip and then the Superfinals to award the trophy, won this year by Vakifbank Istanbul.


  • Novara just published a news saying the format is going to change next season, but I can't find the news on the CEV website, not sure if they're spoiling it :rolll:

    According to them - the teams on first position on the pool phase go to quarter finals, teams on second position plus the best 3rd get paired for 3 8th of finals, and the others 3rd positions go to CEV cup


    nevermind lol

  • Way better format imo.

    I Just wanna final 4 back...

  • Does anyone have EuroVolley.tv champions league pass? I would really appreciate it for just one match. It's Conegliano vs Eczacibasi Vitra played on 13.03.2019., I can't find it anywhere.

  • Does anyone have EuroVolley.tv champions league pass? I would really appreciate it for just one match. It's Conegliano vs Eczacibasi Vitra played on 13.03.2019., I can't find it anywhere.

    I think there is on cev youtube channel

  • According to news in Greece, Panathinaikos is not participating in the CL (due to a small capacity in their hall and problems with the flooring)

    idk how reliable they are though.


    Yes, they want to play in Challenge Cup but the final decision will be from cev. It depends on whether there are vacancies in challenge cup.

    Olympiakos is going to play in cev cup, aris/paok in challenge cup.

    Greece has 4 spots in cev competitions, but also Thetis asked to play in challenge cup.

  • Everything was confirmed and the German participants for pool stage are as qualified: Stuttgart and Potsdam.

    I.E. the five pools with four teams each will have 18 fixed and two by qualification rounds, the five pool winners are in the quarters, the five second best teams and the best third placed team play an intermediate round for the three remaining quarterfinal spots. The other four third best teams will go down to CEV Cup (obviously a new challenge round) and only the last in the pools will get directly eliminated from all European Cups.