CEV Champions League 2023

  • lol done and dusted in 84 minutes

    don't even need to watch to know what happened

    imoco didn’t reach 20 in a set

  • I didn't expect a win for Fener. Specially a 3-0 victory. I thought Conegliano was the more stable team but they were not able to exploit Fener's vulnerability at all.

    Ana Cristina deserves the MVP today. She's the revelation for Fener this season! We all have already said a lot about how great a server Arina is, but it's just absolutely insane how she comes up with the aces on a regular basis specially when it's against a team like Conegliano :white:

  • I think Imoco has to work on a plan B. They looked like the USA team today: unbeatable when in system, no ideas out of system. With big hitters like Plummer and Haak they can work on different solutions, or sets with softer and higher parabola.

    Monster game by Fenerbahce.

  • I literally don’t get it why was Plummer on the court. She was terrible in every aspect ones again.

    But this is Santarelli bad preparation.
    He should go with Gennari - Robinson. Wolosz needs to use much more MB and fast sets to OHs and Haak.

    When you have such a strong server team with so many jump servers. What is point to have Plummer on the court (Gray could help She is even worst) Robinson and De Gennaro can’t cover her. Then this two starts to make mistakes because they are covering so many space.

    Such a bad planning. This lose is on Santarelli.

  • I knew FB's serves were unstoppable at this point, wrote the same after their game against Eczacibasi, a team which is very stable in receiving otherwise. Funny that Conegliano resisted as much as GS did lol :D

    Besides all these, only way to beat FB is to extend the game and rallies as much as possible. Only way to drop their serve performance is to make them a bit tired, which would happen in a 5 setter. Problem is, Conegliano does not have that luxury anymore.

  • Didnt ser that coming... What a Win by FB!

    Really happy for Ana Cristina!!!!

  • I wonder which team could stop this Fener, very dominant

    I think Ecza has the best chance. I know they just got swept by them but they have the best serve receive unit and if they can just do a bit better next time and Hande not be terrible for the 80th time in a row maybe. Vakifbank doesn’t have the passers to do it imo

  • Never expected Arina Ana C duo to work... But after this last games ..

  • Ana Cristina was truly amazing today

    I am proud of this team because it's a big win :heart: