CEV Champions League 2023

  • Vakifbank is gone beat Fenerbahce

  • Ferhat is tragic as a coach. He does not have the balls to bench Maja and others. They probably have the most useful bench at this level, Elif-Fabris could come in with double substitutions time to time. Saliha could replace Hande etc. I think he is too afraid to make a change and get the blame in case things go downwards. The only good thing he did so far is building this squad which is very close to perfection, however he is terrible in managing it as a coach.

  • Honestly I am disappointed for both teams. For Novaro what else do u want to win? You’re playing at home in front of full house of cheering crowds against a struggling team who by the way had 15 service errors, like they gave u the 5th set away and you are up 2-0, yet you barely won by a referee call on the 5th set. On the other hand, it shows why Ferhat cannot be a chooch for this kind of game. Simge is struggling along with Jack and some times Maja. I can understand you would never substitute Bosko because she is a super star but Simge and Jack for crying out loud. You don’t have a guts to substitute them!!! I thought they deserved to lose the game, but I was hopping 3-0 or 3-1 at the worst.

  • Do try to write in legible fonts, guys.

  • Fehrat is main reason for this bad results.

    You guys need to understand that Eczacibasi that dominated first part of the season and this team are 2 totally different teams.

    If you remember before CWCH Eczacibasi had Team A and Team B.



    Elif and Tijana played good, Hande played good with Elif, had nice connection with Jack.

    On the side Maja had great work with Saliha, Laura and Fabris.

    They were winning and all players were happy, first team was well rested for important games.

    But at Club World Championship for some reason Fehrat tried to brag with all guns.

    If you remember he put Laura with A team instead of Beyza. Elif had zero connection with her and they lose first set, Fehrat got scared and put Maja in 2nd set. After that Maja had better connection with Laura, but on other hand this was not A team that won all this games, if i remember Maja and Jack barely played together before that game.

    At the end, they lose this CWCH and Fehrat did not realize what is problem, he benched Elif for the rest of the season, same as Fabris. He killed momentum of the team, and confidence of the rest of the roster, and again overwhelmed starting six (new starting six that, not the team that was dominant at the start of the season).

  • I hope Noone will cry again "i feel so bad for Bosko, she should leave the team, it is Eczacıbaşı's fault Bosko doesn't have CL medal"

    Bosko shouldn't play like this if she would want to get any CL medal. Literally this is the match she should show her class.:wall: I'm very disappointed by her and Maja. On the other hand, simge seems to be a lost case for whole season. I wonder what's the reason behind this such a dramatic drop in her performance 🤔

  • And kudos to Ebrar! She showed middle finger with her performance to Danesi😂

  • Lol. Talking about how Boskovic was terrible but then praising Ebrars performance even though their stats were almost identical

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    Lol. Talking about how Boskovic was terrible but then praising Ebrars performance even though their stats were almost identical

    I didn't see the match but when I saw the stats and read the forum I thought the same thing. But maybe Boskovic made mistakes in crusial moments??? Or maybe she was unstable during the match. I do not know. This situation is pretty similar with the match Vakifbank - Milano. All the people was very critical to Egonu despite the fact that she scored 37 points.

    I think that maybe with have really big expectations from the superstars and we critical every match of them wich is not perfect.

    But we forgot that they are also people. They can not be on fire all the time.

    In my opinion Boskovic did an excellent performance yesterday according to her stats. If someone who saw the match and has clear knowledge about what happened he can just write WHY Boskovic wan not so good.

  • Grading on the curve is a thing, people. It's normal for people who consider Bosković a much better player than Ebrar to play better.

  • Lol. Talking about how Boskovic was terrible but then praising Ebrars performance even though their stats were almost identical

    Is it too difficult to understand?

    Player A=considered as best player in the world

    Player B=good but not the best.

    Player A and B have same stats. It means player B deserves prasing and player A deserves critiques.

  • Lol. Talking about how Boskovic was terrible but then praising Ebrars performance even though their stats were almost identical

    you are talking about the total stats but if you look set by set you can see ebrar had more stable game and played when she needed. she was much better in the crucial moments and terminating the balls after long rallies which are mental kills.

    set 18 points %47 attack 7/15 1 ace +5 WL5 points %42 attack 5/12 +1 wL
    set 24 points %50 attack 3/6 1 ace + 2 wl3 points %30 attack 3/10 +1 wl
    set 27 points %58 attack 7/12 +4 wl7 points %50 attack 6/12 1 block + 5wl
    set 43 points %30 attack 3/10 +2 WL 8 points %70 attack 7/10 1 block +5 Wl
    set 55 points %63 attack 5/8 +3 wl 5 poitns %45 attack 5/11 +2 wl

    in set 2 novara opened the gap at the begining of the set and didnt use ebrar much.

    Also she had some good serve runs but basko has no such thing. she usually made mistake in serves.

    ebrar served 21 times with 2 aces and 4 errors

    boskovic served only 8 times 0 ace but 4 errors

    One of ebrar's aces came in the first set at 24-23, she ended the set 25-23. If Eczacıbaşı had won this set, I'm pretty sure they would win the game with 3-1 at worst.

    ı wonder why Boskovic doesn't use jump serve for a while. she was doing good job in the first part of the season. yesterday if she used jump serve and had some serve runs eczacı could win the game with 3-1.